Awakening From Atheism to Spirituality – Eric Antokoletz

Eric has a PhD in mathematics from UC Berkeley. He is the owner of Cosmic Geometry Press. He is the author of two sacred geometry coloring books for adults available on Amazon.

Ready to color something different? Eric’s Symmetry series of coloring books brings you a new kind of coloring experience! He has designed mathematical mandalas carefully to combine unearthly beauty with mathematical structure, for your coloring pleasure. Bringing you aesthetic opportunities to connect heart & mind. Math is art, and with these books, coloring makes you expand your mind!

He has included a fun-and-easy introduction to the subject of geometric symmetry, together with brain training exercises and answers. So his coloring books stimulate both intellect and creativity at the same time! Awaken to the beauty of Sacred Geometry & Mathematics. Print & e-books available: online at major retail outlets Books available in the Symmetry 8 Series: – Expansion, Crystallization & Vibration – Convergence, Scintillation, Undulation Upcoming books in the Symmetry Series: – Symmetry 6 – Symmetry 12 – Ouroboroids – Blossoms & Butterflies

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