Words to Live By

The following statements are things I have written down along my journey of awakening and recovery. Some of them have been made into memes, some I have posted on social media. It is a collection of original thoughts, inspired by my changing perspective and growing awareness. I hope they will be beneficial to anyone who reads them. Please feel free to share them or use them to inspire others. Please give credit where credit is due. You can also find some of these quotes on my merchandise. Be sure to check it out <3

Words to live by:

Everything you feel, do and say is visible and palpable to everyone

There is no room in my life for people who cannot let me grow out of who I was yesterday

No amount of medication can help you get out of a bad relationship

We have been programmed to believe that reality is whatever our institutions say it is. The program is that if an idea is not approved by the church, the state or the media, it’s not real. Free thought is not according to the program. Supporting this program is voluntary.

be your authentic self
and you will inspire others
to do the same

Our society, our institutions, do not teach us how to live happy lives. They teach us how to obey, to conform, to be a cog in their machine. We are seen only as valuable as our productivity. We can change things. When we appreciate our own value, when we choose to live happy lives by being content with our BEing, we break the matrix. One person at a time.

the deepest understanding
of a thing
can only come from experiencing it yourself

Life doesn’t happen to you
Life happens for you

You are only
who & what
you believe you are

Don’t be afraid to live your life out loud.. REALLY loud.
You will feel empowered & you may inspire others to do the same

Difficulty and hard times
Are just life’s way
Of encouraging you to show
Your own self
How bad you want it
And how much you think you are worth

Drama is a drug
Resist the urge to take a hit
Of that drama joint that’s being passed

Emotional abuse happens when we want to be loved so badly that we can’t even tell when it’s not love

Forgiveness is not for them- it’s for you

It is not important what others think of you. How you view yourself is what counts. You have to live with yourself & to feel proud of how you go about doing it.

no one has ever broken your heart, they broke your expectations

Feeling stupid is a reflection of the gap between how smart you are being and how smart you really are.
You can only feel stupid in proportion to how smart you are.
You can only feel stupid if you are smart.
The more stupid you feel, the smarter you can be.
The more stupid you feel, the greater your capacity for intelligence.
When you feel stupid, what you are feeling is the gap between your behavior and your potential.
Therefore, the more stupid you feel, the greater your potential is.

When something you see or hear in your experience causes you to have feelings or an opinion, remember that it is merely a reflection of something within yourself that is asking to be felt and integrated. It is not about the world, it is always about you.

Release the attachment to the need for understanding. Not everyone will understand you, what you stand for, and who you are. That’s ok. You can’t make anyone understand or accept you.. it is entirely their free will choice. Their acceptance or understanding, or lack there of, does not define you. You are you no matter what they think. Their lack is their loss. Blessed be we.

Be light you came here to be… be the gift you are to this world

Give unconditional love, but take no sh!t

It is easy to let go of things that are painful. The hard work is letting go of the things we are attached to.

It is not talking of love, but living in love that changes the world

Everything you need is right inside you to create the life you want.. First you have to believe it, then continue to believe it even when there’s every reason not to and no one else can see it

WE are creating an intentional community. With the internet, we support each other one by one, creating groups and offering encouragement. By raising our vibration individually, by clearing and healing old thought forms and belief systems, we raise our vibration and extend our community to our families, our neighbors and beyond. Soon, we will wake up and realize that together we have created an entirely new reality. Just by first BEing the change we have wanted to see.

Everyone gets down sometimes. Everyone feels like giving up on occasion. This is when you want to take time for yourself. Don’t fight the depressed feelings, let them tell you their story. Sit with them until they’re finished talking. Then take steps to get out of the funk. We are so afraid of what our feelings have to say. But these feelings have important messages we really should hear.

YOU are a steady source of strength that comes from god, never forget that

Put your whole focus on imagining the best, not the worst!

Do not let anyone push you to do anything your heart doesn’t agree with!

I must live my truth, even if it results in being abandoned by everyone

In a world where people try to be like everyone else, it is rebellion to be your authentic self

People always do what they want. We can offer a perspective on other ways of being but ultimately it is up to them. If we have feelings about what they do, it’s up to us to detach from those.

Burnout happens When you have no Boundaries

Don’t feel guilty for breaking up with bad vibes

You only tolerate the negativity due to our own codependency. There should be no guilt for letting go of things that make us feel bad, especially if we have made an attempt to bring the bad behavior into awareness. If someone continues to treat you badly after you’ve told them how their treatment makes you feel, there should be no guilt for choosing to walk away. This is the golden rule. Love yourself enough to set boundaries, love the other self enough to express them, love both selves enough to walk away if necessary. No guilt

In ancient times & still today in indigenous communities, seers, healers & shamans are regarded as valuable & are highly respected. In our western culture, we have traded in our intuition for institutional thinking & those with supernatural gifts are not only ridiculed but considered mentally ill or dangerous.

realize that each and every time you shift a limiting pattern or thought to a more expansive one, the entire collective field is uplifted

You are making a difference every time you recognize a misqualified thought or feeling within yourself and when you shift that thought or feeling into one that is coherent, more loving, more inclusive.

More and more are waking up and becoming aware of who they are as magnificent multidimensional beings.

I want to live in a world where children are safe to be children
Take 17 seconds to visualize this with me
If you agree

The news that is broadcast and shared is filled with misqualified energy and invokes the weakness of humanity. It emphasizes the negative, the dividing and judging, the pushing against. The collective energy field is impacted and empowered by those that focus. Remember what you resist will persist. So the best you can do from a place of awareness is to bless and transform all you encounter.
Instead of adding your energy to the negative that is happening and being reported, by expressing your disgust or shock or judgment, pause and reset your response. This is the ability to develop a new skill, the skill of a master. Bless those that are harmed, and envision a shift or change of positive being birthed from this event. Implant the seeds of this shift in the quantum field. Imagine a world in which this did not occur.

your physical experience in the dimension and timeframe is to bring about a life sustaining reality.

You are a divine creator, a manifestor, calling forth what you focus upon. You are here to awaken from the mass unconsciousness of limitation and herald the coming of a dimension in which there is harmony, compassion, equality and the many uplifting expressions of love.

Remember that emotions are a vibration, a frequency and they are contagious.

Have confidence in your ability to motivate and inspire those who accompany you on your path

If it’s not what you want, but it is still in your experience, then go into it and discover what is there that you need to integrate

Problems don’t go away when you pretend they don’t exist, in fact, they snowball like an avalanche that starts far away and rushes silently toward you.

The stars do not search for recognition, they shine their light, & those who seek it will find it

To integrate is to absorb, dissolve, digest, & release blockages.. Release or clear what prevents you from feeling your own divinity

People’s judgements of you don’t matter unless you let them

You are the only one who can make your unique contribution to this world.. do your thang

As I go out into the world, may my heart be filled with love for my fellow humans. May I be a beacon of light, calling them to remember that they are love

Not everyone will receive your message. That’s ok, shine your light anyway

To make a difference in someone’s life, you don’t have to be brilliant, rich, beautiful or perfect. You just have to care

The cycle of karma ends when one stops passing it on. To cease playing the game, simply let it go when negativity comes at you.

The prosperity of a nation, of a planet, for that matter, is everyone’s responsibility.

Spirituality requires no props. It is the ego that needs visual attention

If you do not feel yourself valuable, you will not bring abundance into your reality.

Your focus is the fuel for your fruits.
Everything we see is a reflection of our selves. Everything we judge is something we resist within ourselves.

The world is full of beautiful people & experiences. If we don’t stop & listen once in a while, we might forget this.

You can only teach what you are

In all fairness, not one of us can actually see the big picture in each situation… Ultimately the key to a peaceful life is to treat others the same way you wish to be treated. How we act affects everything and everyone in our lives. What you give is what you get. Looking within ourselves to ensure that we are treating others with fairness and compassion is the first step toward healing.

People only impose their limited beliefs on others out of fear and uncertainty. It is uncomfortable when you’re afraid, so naturally they want to convince others to share their beliefs in order to validate their own thinking. Try and look past their angry insecurities and follow the advice of the loving master Jesus and, “forgive them for they know not what they do”

Use discernment with who you allow into your life. Your relationships affect your health, happiness and abundance

The underlying message of memorializing tragedies is.. if you are not sad with us, you are happy against us

A struggle makes all things stronger

The voices in your head are of two kinds: those that do not want you to succeed; and those that do. Most people are hearing the latter. Which ones do you hear today?

God seeks companions
Not followers

Stop waiting for everyone else to recognize your awesomeness & use that energy to manifest your dreams. They’ll see it when you just be it.

My eating disorder didn’t come from love of food, it came from a lack of love

Truth changes with your perception of reality

everything we say and wish to/for others has the potential to become reality.. wish carefully

Love is just a word until someone gives it meaning

Expecting the best in people, brings out the best in people. No matter how they disappoint, don’t give up on them.

People will believe and do anything to avoid facing the painful truth

How to enslave a planet: 1) write a manual and claim it to be truth 2) create belief that what is written has power 3) instill fear by publicly slaughtering anyone who refuses to submit 4) create laws based on what is written & disempower 5) teach that critical thinking is an illness

This world is an illusion of duality.. to take sides on any issue is still participating in the illusion

When someone attacks you with hurtful words, is important to recognize that they are showing you how badly someone has made them feel about themselves. When they pass that hurt on to you, remember that hurt people hurt other people and have compassion for them

Unconditional love means treating others as you would like to be treated, not holding back kindness toward others, even when you know you won’t get it back from them

What comes around goes around, but it might not come back from where you expect it to

No matter what one believes, how you treat others says more about you than anyone’s choice of belief

Free will means you don’t have to agree with the things that other people do. You have every right to not participate in things that you don’t like. Likewise, you do not need anyone’s approval for the things you do. It is not necessary to convince anyone that you are right or to make them understand your reasons. When we try to control others or allow ourselves to be controlled, we are missing the point of free will.

Your words are your power

Taking responsibility for yourself means accepting that no one can make you feel anything. No one can make you do anything. No one has control over your life unless you give them that power. You are always choosing your experience.

Some people will tell you you’re moving too fast. They will call you impulsive. They will discourage you from being motivated if the changes you are making reflect the advancement and development that they are afraid of making within themselves.
Don’t let them dampen your fire. You are a catalyst.

Self love is crucial to successful relationships. How can you expect a potential partner to want you if you do not want yourself?

Everybody gets what they are offering vibrationally. That is the Secret

What does “act your age” even mean, anyway? Act like you’re boxed in and compliant and conforming and a slave drone like the rest of society? No thanks.

There are times when the most loving thing you can tell a person is “no”

the gift of life belongs to the child, the parent doesn’t get to have her life and his too

empowerment is such an important lesson that it’s worth learning the hard way

The only one you can hide from is yourself, the only one you’re fooling, is you

When you accept that all truths are true, it releases your need to argue. Desire to do so is up to you.

You are always abundant in something because you are always manifesting. Abundance follows your beliefs.. if you believe you are abundant in lack, you will see that reflected in your life

Start by loving your self in the way you want others to love you

The brighter your light, the darker your shadows will be

When we have a reaction to people, situations, & things, we come from our solar plexus, ego. When we respond to people, situations and things, we come from our heart

Until you forgive people, you will continue to attract the same type of relationships in order for you to manifest forgiveness

A teacher isn’t always a person standing in front of you. A teacher can be a circumstance, an animal, a book, a program, a conversation.. life is full of teachable moments if you are detached enough from your ego to be a student. When the student is ready, the teacher will come

We want to be loved and accepted by everyone but until we love and accept ourselves, we will still feel like we lack love and acceptance

Spiritual maturity is understanding and accepting that your experiences are your education and always for your highest good

Do not project your fears into the future, lest you meet them there

Nothing has been wasted in your life, as it has all been a learning experience

As you detox from chemicals and impurities, your mind becomes awake, energized, and able to focus

Meditate before you medicate

Knowledge is the greatest hinderance to truth, because you don’t know what you don’t know and the knowledge of what you do know then tempers what you expect

Truth is found in silence

God seeks companions, not followers

If you are not inspired in your life, you are probably playing out someone else’s reality

When things seem unfair, when you feel lost in a situation, it is important to not dwell on the negativity for that will attract more negativity to you.

Replace feelings of anger, sadness and frustration with love

Happiness is not a condition, it is a choice

At times you may not see where your next step is taking you- and that is when you need to take a leap of faith

Show kindness and compassion and it will be returned to you

Do not be discouraged by those whose hearts are closed to love, but have compassion for them and their painful experience

Some memories are made to be forgotten

Love is power

The most empowering thing about working on your own negativity is no longer being triggered when you see it in others

Redefine responsibility, definitely quit your day job

How can you expect people to accept you when they can’t even accept themselves

We don’t need a savior, we need support. The time has come to stop waiting for someone else and start being the change we want to see in the world

Without obstacles, we don’t know triumph

Suffering offers us a contrast, pain offers us a choice. Without crisis we don’t know how to care. Without pain we don’t know joy.

Awareness creates mastery

Idealogy obscures appreciation of universal principles.

When a person doesn’t want to receive, the giving must be limited

You can only teach what you are

Expecting everyone to believe as you do is a setup for disappointment. Have tolerance and compassion

If the shoe fits, it is still up to you whether you choose to wear it or not

Overthinking leads to unhappiness, trust your intuition instead

At the end of the day, when it’s all said and done, although we have little choice of what happens to us in life, we can choose the attitude we have about it.

Do you want to be an enabler or an empowerer

Empathy is understanding. Even if you don’t agree with another person’s perspective, their emotions are important and valid without your judgement. Seek to understand rather than agree

Where you put your focus is what will manifest in your life

Everything that happens to you in your life is a revelation of something that is inside of you

You cannot get anyone to agree with you if they won’t listen to you first. Your approach is everything. Your powerful energy can work or you instead of against you if you shift your mood and attitude to one of compassion, respect and open-mindedness

Emotional correctness is the tone, the feeling, the energy of how we say the things we say. It is the respect and compassion we show one another

Everything in existence both positive and negative exists for the sole purpose of offering you a choice to exercise your free will

There is nothing wrong with changing your mind or the course of your life. Opinions change as knowledge broadens

Life is an offer to manifest your soul contract and to fulfill the agreement you made with yourself before you came here

You are not the only one experiencing changes but you are the only one who can change your experience and create the life you really want

Life is about making choices to choose how you feel in every situation. Your experience is your choice, you create your life by choosing the kind of experience you want to have

Life is other people. When you view a component of yourself in everyone else, it will change the way you see everything

Life is worth living because it just is

The nature of life is not despair, the nature of life is to be hopeful

The purpose of life is to make mistakes, gain experience, and become a better person along the way

Your life is a projection of how you feel about yourself inside

Your shadows are your negative beliefs about yourself the you hide, deny and avoid. To be free from them, you must face them

You are the only one who can make your contribution to this world

It is time to remember that you are a superhero, disguised as a human

there is no gender,no religion, no atheism, no duality in the higher realms

if you only knew the unlimited power you have inside of you, you would never, ever give it away to someone else

Don’t be afraid to let go of everything and everyone you think you love and hold dear. On this journey of spiritual awakening, you will lose everything and find yourself

do whats worth doing to take care of yourself and to get unstuck

Take time out for yourself to rebalance your body and your life

graduation to the 5th dimension requires understanding the law of experience, to be able to perceive all of life as an extension of oneself

No one can love someone who does not love oneself. No one can give one the love one thinks one needs as completely and unconditionally as one can

when you’re feeling stuck, lost, frustrated, angry, just remind yourself how far you come from where you used to be

genuine goodness is threatening to those at the opposite end of the spectrum

mental illness is caused by denying yourself & trying to be someone you’re not in order to please others. Controlling yourself, making you seem crazy because you just can’t be someone you’re not while who you really are wants to be free

thoughts are actions
Emotions are reactions

The goal of meditation isn’t to control your thoughts, its to stop letting them control you

Be proud of who you are

Stop doing
Start being

Show your faith by taking action now rather than waiting for evidence to support your faith

Life is a piece of music, we all must play our note. Without your contribution, the piece is incomplete

As we are helping ourselves, we are helping others. As we are helping others, we are helping ourselves

Darkness is the other side of light

is not something you acquire or consume, love is something you are

If you don’t buy into our differences and our thoughts and ideas anymore, they can’t sell it to you anymore

Experience can be a generous or cruel teacher but you will always learn something

Even in the deepest suffering there is a significance. There is a meaningful process of positive possibilities

The most powerful thing you can do to resolve a conflict, is to pray that all parities get what they deserve and let the universe take care of the rest

you stop judging things as right or wrong, you will find yourself filled with inner peace

manifestation follows expectation

If you are too comfortable you will never feel the need to move or change. Chaos is a good thing when it gets you out of your comfort zone

I am a bridge between realities

What you feed grows, feed the love, compassion & peace, starve the anger, hate & evil

Irony: reacting to hateful words with more hateful words. Try responding with your heart instead

The creator values all life, this is supremacy
The idea that one race is superior and has the right to dominate others or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others, is racism

Real value is in what you can do without, not what you accumulate

The observer is creating the reality that the observer observes

The language of the universe is intention

Growing up means learning about energy. Becoming conscious means expanding and circulating energy. Energy always moves forward.

It is time to remember that you are a superhero, disguised as a human

If someone doesn’t respect who you know yourself to be, you have a right not to include them in your reality

In your heart you will find all the answers you need. Don’t allow the negative thoughts around you to muffle its message

All relationships are a contract. When one or both parties no longer uphold their end, the contract is complete.

In life we are presented with many choices. We can use our intuition and guidance, or rely on our thinking skills and experience

NEVER apologize for your looks, your language, your beliefs, or anything about yourself. It is your unique contribution.

The difference between a weed and a flower is a judgement

Everything happens for your highest good.. EVERYTHING

always attract the right people and experiences we need right when we need them.

stop hitting the “snooze” button on your spiritual awakening

There is a part of each of us, hiding deep inside our selves, an angry part, who wants others to know how bad we have been made to feel. A part of us who wants to make others understand and to feel as bad as we do. This part of us is crying to be seen, begging to be understood, longing to be healed. When we address this long buried part of ourselves, call it our inner child, we can heal this part and it will no longer drown out the other parts of ourselves that just want to feel joyful, lightheartedness and acceptance.

One’s outer environment can only change when you as an individual accept your responsibility to raise your vibrational frequency and build your personal power… When you transform your thoughts, actions, and intentions through spiritual enrichment and education, your vibrational frequency will rise, and in turn it affects humanity as a whole, the planet, and the universe. That’s how magic is made, ladies and gentlemen.We are all one. But we all don’t have to be one thing or express our selves all the same in order to coexist

To live life without judgement, begin with not judging yourself

When you know what it is you would die for, then you know what you wish to live for

what one knows, one is responsible for reflecting in one’s life

If it can be destroyed by truth, it should be

you can always suggest to anyone your particular perspective, the only thing that’s selfish is if you expect that they must agree

If one is in a relationship with a person who is possessive & controlling, one is not in a relationship, one is a piece of baggage.. useful to the owner for a while, but inevitably to be unloaded in the future.

The attitude of someone who loves you should be that you know best what is right for you. If you say that someone’s treatment of you is abusive, that’s all anyone should need to know to support you in that view.

When the external world comes at you, it is tempting you to give responsibility for your emotions to the outside world

Finding the solution requires addressing the problem

Salvation will not come from the sky
Salvation will come from inside

You are not empowered just because your voice is heard, if your voice is heard it is because you are empowered

Karma doesn’t care whether your acts are unconscious or not, everything you do comes back to you

If you do not know your true power, you cannot express it

As you believe, so you shall conceive

People who want things for free are living in a disempowered state of mind & they won’t be able to benefit from the things they get for free. If they don’t feel that something is worth money, they are saying the very thing they want doesn’t have value.

The one who gains the most from forgiveness
Is the one who forgives

Finding the lessons in the pain and being grateful for the lessons I have learned from this pain allows me to let it go

We are all spiritual beings having a human experience

your ego is a costume your inner child wears in order to get your attention

Happiness is doing exactly what you want in each and every moment.

Happiness is the most attractive thing you can be

Happiness is doing what you want to do.

Happiness is living your damn life without worrying about other people’s judgments or opinions or criticism.

Happy people don’t get sick.

When you are overflowing with abundance within yourself, you have more to give everyone else

You can’t help a friend with their pain of you don’t understand what they are going through

The greatest crime is not being true to yourself

There are no limitations except the ones you create in your mind

The language of the Universe is intention

The observer is creating the reality that the observer observes

Real value is in what you can do without, not what you accumulate

you get exactly what you are creating

meditation is medication

medicate don’t medicate

Intoxicants make you forget your troubles and they also make you forget the solutions

Just keep firmly in your mind that anything can happen, and you will never be taken by surprise

We are only called witches because we know about things that ordinary people don’t know about, and don’t understand

Trauma does damage to the human psyche but the damage does not have to be permanent. Trauma can be healed.

“You own everything that happened to you. Tell your stories. If people wanted you to write warmly about them, they should have behaved better.”

—Anne Lamott

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new”

– Dan Millman Way of the Peaceful Warrior

“Birth sets a blueprint for our lives, & gentle birth makes gentle people, which creates a gentle society.”

—Dr. Sarah J Buckley

“I don’t trust people who don’t love themselves and tell me, ‘I love you.’ … There is an African saying which is: Be careful when a naked person offers you a shirt.”
― Maya Angelou

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