Understanding Negative Entity (Energy) Attachments

Negative entities are an often overlooked aspect of the human condition including all forms of illness. Negative entities can attach to a person’s emotional energy body, influencing their physical health, their mental health, their thoughts and actions, the thoughts and actions of people around them, and sometimes even their physical environment. In extreme cases this can take the form of “possession” of the body, in other words a negative entity can even take over a person’s mind and body and use it, basically pretending to be that person. A person who suffers from possession of negative entities cannot usually tell the difference between their own thoughts and those of the negative entities.

Our intention here is to provide some information to help people form a more informed perspective, especially for issues like physical and mental illness and difficulties in relationships, where negative entities are usually present and playing an undesirable role. “Mental illness” includes emotional trauma, neuroses, personality disorders, addictions, phobias, and many other issues. There are all kinds of negative entities, even more than there are varieties of mental illness.

In this post, we will talk about the following different kinds of negative entities.

1) thought-forms
2) immature souls or advanced versions of thought-forms, which we just call “negative entities”
3) advanced negative beings such as negative reptilians

Negative entities can be removed

In order to remove negative entities, we must expose them. In order to expose them, we must understand them. Negative entities operate freely in the darkness of our ignorance. They are like parasites that manipulate us and feed on our energy. They usually hate to be detected because our awareness of them often leads us to figure them out and remove them. That’s why they work to hide themselves from us. Once you are aware that you have entities and that they are the source of your problems, you are on your way to becoming free from them.
There is no shame in having thought-forms and entity attachments, or in suffering from possession. Everyone has thought-forms. If you exist in a physical body, you have thought-forms. Thought-forms can invite experiences that invite negative entities. They literally reach out and invite other thought-forms and negative entities to join them that hide them or make them stronger or both. Negative entities attach to our energy/emotional bodies when we experience severe psychological distress so traumatic that a part of our soul must disassociate in order to cope with the experience (usually in childhood). This is commonly referred to as “soul fragmentation”. What isn’t typically discussed is that the space where this fragment occurs is generally immediately filled by a negative entity. Even if you haven’t experienced something extremely disturbing in this lifetime, it is likely that you have brought negative entities with you from past lifetimes.

How do you know what your thought-forms are? Everyone is susceptible to thought-forms. They are minor programs that control your beliefs, thoughts and actions. They activate when you are presented with ideas, thoughts or beliefs that prevent you from accessing your divine connection to love and unity. They serve to keep us separate from Source by causing us to judge, feel critical, angry, jealous, shame, insecure, unworthy, afraid, grief, etc. All of the vibrations that exist below the frequency of love. Thought-forms and negative entities exist in those vibrations and they want to keep you there. When you begin to raise your vibration and align with your divinity, you will expose and feel your thought-forms/false beliefs and you can disagree with them, thereby removing them for yourself.

Immature souls and advanced thought-forms can be included in the category with more developed negative entities and they are therefore more challenging. These negative entities work harder to remain undetected by distracting you and hiding from you. They open the door for demonic entities. These thought-form type of entities actually reach out to other people and their negative entities in order to create experiences for you. They are attached to you but they use your energy to cause other people to have reactions to your energy in order to create certain experiences for you that reinforce your beliefs and thus keep you in a cycle of having the same experiences over and over. Like simple thought-forms, advanced thought-forms thrive on the belief in duality and separation. They feed on ideas of things being wrong or bad and your feelings of agreement.

4th density negative entities are the most advanced parasite and some fit the description of what could be called “demons”. They are not very creative with the ways they deceive but they are very deceptive when it comes to trying to expose and remove them. Being more advanced, these negative entities are able to share your body and cause you to say things and behave in ways you might not normally. Once you become familiar with the way the negative entities work, you can recognize their tactics and stop going along with them. Even though they are souls with no conscience, they are subject to free will and cannot remain attached to you if you take steps to remove them. In some cases, people have agreed to bring negative entities with them from lifetime to lifetime for a particular soul evolution experience. We may not completely understand why until we raise our consciousness enough to remember.

If you behave in ways that you do not agree with but you cannot stop or control these thoughts or behaviors, it is likely that they are not yours, they belong to the negative entities that are attached to you. Once you become aware of the fact that negative entities exist and that you may be suffering from them, you can begin to disagree with them. If you find that you cannot stop your negative/destructive thoughts or behavior and your suffering persists, this is a signal that professional help is needed. It is important to find a discerning lightworker or healer who is familiar with negative entities and who is skilled in removing them safely. Even when you recruit the help of another being to assist you in removing your negative entities, the majority of the work depends on you raising your consciousness and adopting healthy habits of all kinds whether it is physical, mental, emotional, environmental or otherwise. Everything in this reality affects your vibration and negative entities thrive on lower vibrational habits. Usually your guides will give you specific exercises or mantras for you to facilitate the removal of the negative entities attached to you. I have included some mantras that I have received from clients’ guides at the end of this article.

We realize that there are many explanations of negative energy attachments available, and the topic of negative entity attachments, demonic possession and thought-forms is limitless. We wish we could write a complete and comprehensive article about the subject, but the nuances of it are as vast and varied as people themselves. There’s really no way to nail it down as long as we are still subject to the material limitations of 3D matrix reality. The main objective of writing this post is to put the information from our experience and perspective out there so people can align with it, become aware of the reality of it and explore the topic for themselves. We don’t know what we don’t know. Negative entities exist. Our problems are not unavoidable. We can heal and be free. In order to do this, we have to become aware.

If you feel like you are ready to address your own negative entities, or you want help becoming free from your negative entities, please know you are worthy of being healed. There is hope. Reach out to someone who is willing to explore the possibility that you have entities.

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Mantras for Negative Entities

Please read each mantra to yourself out loud. I also recommend writing each mantra on a post-it note and sticking them around your house so that you are reminded to read them to yourself throughout the day.

I am not the negative entities and the negative entities are not me

I am a divine being of the One Infinite Creator

I am manifesting my freedom with every self-loving action I take

My body is able to heal itself

I am healing my body

Divine love is all around me

I am a Sovereign being.

Negative entities do not have more power than me.

Today I reclaim my sovereignty

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