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David Hauser – The love guide

David Hauser has been researching the spiritual history of our human story for a lifetime. By virtue of this, he has discovered the meaning of life’s true cause which is to give and receive love. Love is our divine birthright that can take us to the akashic where souls remember they are exalted and divine. David has authored the Soulkiss Trilogy that goes into the depths of what love is all about. The first in his Trilogy is out now on Amazon called Soulkiss: Tantric Tales of Mahamudra and is the love story of consciousness. He has been a featured personality and astrologer on the Futurelife.tv and HighVibe apps. He’s taken his brand now to Youtube and Facebook where he talks about love, relationships, and galactic Astrology every day. At the end of all his shows he always likes to say Oceans of Love!
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