Isabel Aimee – Educating the New Earth Children

Isabel has worked for the past thirteen years at Perrott Hill School, one of the top UK prep schools, teaching Performing Arts to children aged 3-13
Within that work she has always as first priority, placed the maintaining and development of each child’s connection to their inner being, through encouraging, enlivening and inspiring a deeper trust in their inner knowledge, intuition, understanding and guidance.

She is the author of the Milo & Teal children’s books that encourage awareness about truly natural ways to relate to the world we live in. Packed with examples of ecologically harmony, communing with nature, be it minerals, plants, animals or the weather, these books were written with a fierce desire to bring back to children their deep inner knowledge of the underlying energy of all things.

Her work in the last six months has been to actively encourage an understanding of how we truly learn, to aid people in establishing new systems of education which relate to inner passion and joy, and learning within nature and it’s processes. An advocate for children’s creativity awareness, she is training teachers to be able to honour, value and nurture the inner workings of each child they teach, by using the more human structure of attending to the inside first. Resonance with information, experiences, and fields of learning can happen in a prepared environment who’s job it is for a teacher to create and fill.
This turns traditional learning on its head, in favour of the true desires of the inner being of each child.

You can watch her interview with me here

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