Cosmic Conversations with Christie

I am excited to bring you a series of videos in the form of interviews. I call these cosmic conversations because I am gathering extraordinary souls together for the purpose of crystallizing unity consciousness. Where two or more are gathered in unity, there is a crystal/Christ consciousness and that is what we are embodying on this planet.

I am interested in talking with extraordinary wayshowers about their remarkable awakening and remembering experiences, the collective awakening, the ascension process, christ-al unity consciousness, the psychology of reality and deeper esoteric subjects. 

My intent is to listen to high vibe people talk to me about themselves and thereby connect people with each other and to put amazing experiences out there for the rest of the world to align with. I am here to bring people together. People have a purpose, and I help them find that.

I hope you will enjoy these meetings and I hope you will be encouraged by hearing others’ journeys as we bring the great awakening and move into the new earth.

The world is ready to hear your incredible story.  Message me so I can help you share it.

You can see or hear some of the conversations I have had so far here:

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Higher Perspectives with Black Swan Sibyl

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