Forgive Yourself

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It is not easy to be human. We come down here into these physical bodies, separating from Source, forgetting who we are and where we come from. We are born to other physical, distorted humans, totally dependent on them to meet our needs until we grow old enough to take care of ourselves. We go through life mostly unconsciously, trying to figure out where we belong, our place in the world.

Meanwhile we live in a matrix, structured around control. We are shaped by the belief in the realness of this environment, locked into a linear timeline, developing a singular identity. When you are here, it really seems like we are separate from one another. One of the constructs of the 3D matrix is guilt.

When we feel guilt/anger it pushes us even farther into separation. Maybe we feel like we have done something wrong. Like we are to blame. Like we did something we shouldn’t have or perhaps have caused pain to someone smaller or weaker or more innocent than us. We may even feel like we should have known better or if we had only (fill in the blank) this pain could have been prevented. We may feel shame, anger at ourselves or others, or we may judge our experience in other ways. Other people may try to make us feel responsible, but no one judges us more harshly than ourselves.

This entire earthly experience until recently has been one of exploring the depths of duality.
moral/immoral and so on.
Now that we are moving into the next phase, we are invited to come out of the duality paradigm. It will help us to restore our connection to Oneness if we integrate the fact that everything just IS. It is now time to go beyond the 3D polarized reality into the realm of expansion of consciousness. Any and all human experiences contribute to soul evolution and the development of collective consciousness. Any feelings that may surface when you think about your experiences are feelings that ready to be integrated.

We must forgive ourselves and let go of judgement. There is an experience of both right/wrong AND everything simply IS. When it comes to individual soul evolution, everyone wins. There are no victims or perpetrators. We have no real way of knowing what another soul has chosen to experience for their own growth and evolution. All souls evolve from their experiences and sometimes souls choose suffering to accelerate their evolution. You are a divine being of the One Infinite Creator. You are loved and you are love. Everything you do/have done/didn’t do contributes to the understanding of the One. There are no mistakes. Forgive yourself for the times you have been unloving and become conscious.

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