Why We Shouldn’t Idealise Spiritual Leaders/Teachers

I would like to express thanks for courageous individuals who are speaking about their experiences with certain spiritual celebrities. In a world where groupthink is rampant, where adherents to supposed spiritual teachers become vicious when you speak contrary to their leader, you are brave for speaking the truth and putting it out there.

I don’t remember when I first saw a revelatory post about one particular astrologer, but now, in retrospect, it was a clue from Universe/God/HigherSelf at a time when I was waking up to the reality of negative entities and negative spiritual leaders.

I first discovered this celebrity astrologer in 2016. His astrology reports synchronized with my awakening and subsequent departure of a toxic marriage/life. I was guided to my twin flame and together we listened and navigated our journey with the help of his weekly readings. I attended an event he hosted in the USA where I met him & his future wife in person. It was a strange and negative experience, standing next to him, taking selfies with him while he made ugly faces to the camera. I told him I could feel his “guides” (which I didn’t realize until later were his reptilian entities). Later he invited people to submit bios to become a part of his app, which I did, and immediately felt the same reptilians viewing my material & rejecting me. Not long after, I began feeling repulsed by his energy in his videos. I noticed his vibe-lowering habits before he admitted he was engaging in them. I could see the energetic discord between him and his more positive wife. I knew it was a matter of time before they would end their relationship. Then, in a (drunken?) video he verbally confirmed that he has militaristic reptilian “guides” and after that I just could not stand to view any of his content anymore.

Anyone who wants to “become” someone or something in the spiritual community is literally inviting negative entities to themselves. In this line of work, light-work, one must polarize to service to others, which in this case means letting go of the desire to be looked up to, sought after, famous, acknowledged, or otherwise known. Many of us lightworkers have experienced painful childhoods where we didn’t receive the attention we felt we needed and we can be susceptible to the distortion of feeling like we need to be famous and/or have a lot of people see/listen to us in order to feel validated. Celebrity in itself is a negative trap. No person is more worthy of praise than another & it reinforces the hierarchical parametal societal structure which is fundamentally negative. It is how 4th density negative societies arrange themselves. “Pecking order” is the concept and they have tried to recreate that here. Light working means you become the light without any attachment to that light being seen or appreciated. If it is pure & genuine, it will be seen. A star does not go out and look for people to see it, it just shines there, in the sky, and those who look will see its light. We must simply BE the light that we already are.

We are all experiencing a refining of our self/ego, a crumbling of the facades if you will.  I have now become aware that another spiritual guru astrologer who I had followed is being exposed for sexual misconduct & general narcissism. I found this astrologer around the same time as the other one and found his weekly videos to be informative during a turbulent time when I needed all the guidance I could get.  I began to feel dissonance when his personal (uninformed/3D) perspective began coloring his reports.  Around the same time I won a raffle for a free reading with him where, again, in a personal encounter (over internet video chat) with an individual I had only previously observed in videos, I felt first-hand his unique distortions.

It seems that part of my personal journey has been to integrate my idealisation/idolisation of spiritual leaders.  I have also met another spiritual catalyst and her distortions in person at one of her workshops.  (I will refrain from sharing my experience and opinions of this person for fear of retaliation – please use discernment diligently) My partner and I went to one of a YouTube channeler’s group channeling sessions in Amsterdam & apparently challenged her ego/entity with questions. And another famous lightworker, while probably the least negative of the people I have met, is just as human as any of us.

What these public figures offer me is an object lesson in discernment.  When they offer content that we resonate with, we find value in that and apply it to our journey of evolution.  When we grow beyond what they offer, it is our responsibility to recognize the power within ourselves and to let go of the idea that this public figure with many followers has something that we don’t

We are all equal.  We all have unique gifts to offer.  No one is above anyone else.  None of us are above having distortions.  We are all here on this ascending planet constantly being offered opportunities to heal our wounds, acknowledge our distortions and integrate our perceived separateness.  

Here is a video I made on this topic a while back..

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