Why We Shouldn’t Idealise Spiritual Leaders/Teachers

While it is painful to realize that someone you looked up to is not as perfect as you had hoped them to be, it helps to reflect on why we felt like someone else had something we didn’t. It seems that part of my personal journey has been to integrate my idealisation/idolisation of spiritual leaders. What public figures offer me is an object lesson in discernment.  When they offer content that I resonate with, I find value in that and apply it to my journey of evolution.  When I grow beyond what they offer, it is my responsibility to recognize the power within myself and to let go of the idea that this public figure with many followers has something that I don’t

We are all equal.  We all have unique gifts to offer.  No one is above anyone else.  None of us are above having distortions.  We are all here on this ascending planet constantly being offered opportunities to heal our wounds, acknowledge our distortions and integrate our perceived separateness.  We are all experiencing a refining of our self/ego, a crumbling of the facades if you will.

We all have important gifts to offer and we are needed now more than ever.

Here is a video I made on this topic a while back..

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