The Great Pause

This year 2020 will likely forever be remembered as the year of “The Great Pause”. When the machine that is the system of our known reality was shut down and we became aware of what is really going on.

People in every country on every continent have been forced to stop or change their daily grind. We went from running and rushing to sitting and waiting. Most people finally had time to get all the things done that we couldn’t do before for lack of time, only to realize that most of those things were just more busyness that kept us distracted from facing the truth about what kind of world we had co-created.

We got to see what it is like to spend time with the people in our lives. We got to see what it is like to try and educate our own children. We got to sit with ourselves for the first time in a really long time.

Some people took advantage of this down time to catch up on sleep. To read uplifting materials. To meditate and raise their vibration.

The Earth got a break from all the traffic and pollution. The animals on the planet came out of their hiding places and explored the empty spaces usually bustling with humanity. All in all, the energy on the entire planet downshifted into an idle.

This was an opportunity for people to look into the things that are going on. They told us that this shutdown was for our protection. That we were being quarantined in order to save lives. With no deadlines to distract us, we were able to give our full attention to the people who are in control and it gave us a reason to finally begin thinking critically.

What is really going on here?

I expect that soon after this writing, we will experience the breaking of the spell that has been cast upon humanity for far too long. When the figurative clock strikes midnight, we will see the players exposed as the animals they really are. The institutions will be revealed as they turn into the rotting pumpkins of an incredibly evil agenda of a small group of manipulators.

The Great Pause is a catalyst for a revolution. This is our Armageddon. This is the silent war of the great day of the almighty human race. We gave our power to a small group of evil elite people and now we are taking our power back. The revelation of what has been going on right under our noses is slowly happening. People are awakening. They have no excuses anymore. To ignore the truth about the world we live in at this point, is to choose to be willfully blind.

It is our choice to know the truth. No matter what we choose, the world will never be the same. We will never go back to the way life was before The Great Pause.

Revolution will be slow. It will take time. All the lies have to be exposed and once we understand how our lives were built on all those lies, we will have to decide how to move forward. We will have to decide what is most important. We will need leaders who are good-hearted people who want what is best for humanity and for our planet.

Many of us have waited a long time for this moment in history. Some of us feel like we were born for this time. Even though sometimes it might feel uncertain, the knowing that this is happening for a reason, for the reason, provides calmness.

Each of us can contribute to the revolution by raising our vibration. When we raise our vibration, we align with the optimal positive timeline. When we do what brings us joy, like listening to music, creating art, gardening, lying on the grass and watching the clouds, peaceful idle things that we now have no excuse for not taking time for, we are making the world like we want it. Before the pause, we felt like we had to go along with the world “they” created because we risked getting left behind if we didn’t keep up with it. Now we can opt out of that rigid system controlled by money by demanding that it be dismantled. Before the Pause it was just a few of us who refused to go along with the agenda. Now, there are millions joining us.

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