What is The Great Awakening?

A term you may be hearing a lot lately is The Great Awakening. So what is the Great Awakening?

There are as many different versions of the Great Awakening as there are people.

Generally speaking, The Great Awakening is the internal realization that in one way or another, we have given our power away to external authorities and we no longer agree with doing that.

Whether it is awakening to the corruption of the government, institutions or even one’s own family, awakening is like living in the dark, being accustomed to the dark and suddenly a dim light appears in the dark and we can see our surroundings like never before. As we embrace this new light, it becomes brighter and we become more and more aware of what is really happening.

Some people have a hard time seeing the evidence that there is more going on in this reality than we have been led to believe. They have a hard time believing that humanity has been lied to and the truth has been censored. You can’t say there is no evidence if you haven’t gone looking for it yourself. There may be evidence all around us, but if you don’t have the context to understand it, then you will see right through it as if it wasn’t there. If someone else points at it and says, “Look, this is evidence”, then you’re probably going to think they’re crazy due to your own inability to interpret it for yourself. People need to keep an open mind and appreciate that there is more information that they don’t have, and having that information may completely change the way they understand the entire world around them.

At first it may be scary for some people, depending on how much power they have given to the people or ideas they have agreed with. Yet awakening is a process. In the beginning there may be shock, then denial and isolation, eventually anger, bargaining, depression, and finally forgiveness and acceptance.

It is each person’s choice to know.

Not everyone will participate in the Great Awakening. Some people will prefer to remain sleeping. Others prefer the darkness for various reasons, either because they themselves are performing deeds that can only be done in the dark, or because they are unable to face their own darkness. Everything will inevitably be exposed by the light that is getting brighter. Like the sunrise brings the daylight, there is no stopping the Great Awakening on this planet. If people still want to experience living in darkness, they will have to find somewhere else to be. For most humans, it is hard to imagine why anyone would prefer the darkness. It’s important to remember that all paths lead back to the One, even the dark path. It just takes longer and is much more painful.

It is not up to anyone else to say how fast or whether another person should awaken. The most loving thing you can do for a sleeping person is to make them comfortable until they wake up on their own. There are people who will be asking questions, wanting to know more. These are the people that you can communicate about your awakening with.

If you are interested in doing some research, or you are looking for a(n) (incomplete) list of prompts to share with others who are asking where to start, here are some topics I have compiled:

Seth Rich
Judy Wood – 9/11
JFK assassination
pineal gland
DMT the Spirit molecule
Tuning In – documentary
The Law of One
Vaccines – Robert Kennedy Jr
Fall Cabal
Out of Shadows
The Money Masters
Zeitgeist movie
The Cosmic Secret
Above Majestic
Operation Mockingbird
Operation Paperclip
What the Health
Agenda 21
the Beast System
Crop Circles Hyperspace Gateways
Was The Buddha Just a Nice Guy
Rupert Sheldrake’s EU 2013 talk on his book Science Set Free
David Icke
Federal Reserve

🕳 🐇

From the highest perspective, The Great Awakening is all about remembering that you are an expression of The One Infinite Creator. There is no judgement in the One. Every experience is valuable for the One to fully express and understand itself. Each of us plays a role in the awakening. Every time we become aware, every time we disagree with those who seek to control us, every time we we take back our power and exercise our free will, we are accelerating the great awakening as a whole movement.

We The People

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