Must One Be Vegan to Be Spiritual?

This world is ascending from 3D to 4D at the time of this writing. Many people would say that consuming animals or animal products is not in harmony with claiming to be a spiritual person. Spirituality, however, is not about doing, it is about being.

Animals are also ascending and have agreed to the experience they have chosen. Some animals choose to incarnate in Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) in order to serve as food for many. This is their choice. If someone chooses to eat these animals, that is also their choice.

Other animals choose a life in the wild, knowing they may become food for another being. Again, their choice.

Some animals choose a life on an organic, free-range, non-abusive farm with conscious caretakers. Also a choice.

As conscious beings, we also choose a life of either service to others or service to self. Service to self is a life of trying to gain control of others. Service to others is allowing others to have their experience, to be as they are and to unconditionally love them no matter what they choose to do. This does not mean having no boundaries. Sometimes you must get angry and say no, but you can still love the person as a fellow soul. They are allowed to do as they please, it is not your place to control, but you have a right to tell them to do as they please elsewhere. This is the balance of love and wisdom.

Wisdom says we must take care of our physical bodies. Love says we must do it in a way that we feel good about. If we feel we need animal products in our diet for our health, it would be both wise and loving to choose animal products that are either wild caught, or raised organic and cruelty free. The quality of life and death of the body of the animal will determine the vibration of the food it provides to you. It would be loving to give thanks to these souls who have volunteered to become our food. Creating the vibration of gratitude in this way benefits all souls.

The path of spirituality is an individual one. It is all about the vibration. There are many collective movements in this world that are organized to control the behaviours of others in an angry way. This is leaning toward the service to self path. Doing it in the name of righteousness, spirituality, or goodness is leaning toward the service to others path. Neither will lead to polarization, which is necessary for ascension. What is necessary for ascension on the service to others path is to integrate feelings of fear, anger, and control and to love and allow all beings to have the experience they came here for.

When it comes to deciding what to consume, it is important to know how you feel. If consuming a thing makes you feel good, it is good. If it makes you feel bad, or lowers your vibration, it is something to consider eliminating. It is not high vibration to judge yourself or others for the choices that are made. This life is a journey. What kind of experience do you want to have? It is always your choice to decide what is serving you and what is no longer serving you.
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