A Blessing for 2020

May your 2020 be abundant

In love
In wisdom
In justice
In revelations

May you have 2020 vision

May you be watched over
May you be guided
May you overcome every adversary
May you recognize every false advisor
May every false guardian be exposed
May you turn away from every false voice
May you not be deceived by any false light
May you identify every false energy 
May you be guided toward a clear connection to your intuition

May you hear your true voice authentically

May it be loud and clear

May you listen to your true voice
May you hear what it is telling you

May you know your true voice over any false voices

May you walk in clarity
May you hold a light that attracts every like energy to the light you hold

May you be protected by the light
May every form of light being come to your aid, to shield and protect you

May you be constantly protected by illuminating light

May all darkness be cast out of you and away from you in the name of the light

May you merge solely with the most positive guiding influences that only have positive intentions for you and your vibration

May your vibration and energy field rise to match those positive forces near you that would assist you in 2020

May you merge with your higher self and true voice and intuition

May you move only toward the light in 2020. 

May you be guided into absolute clarity

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