How to Get Rid of Crystals

“I gave up the New Age cult and threw away all my books, tarot cards and crystals!”

It sometimes happens that people who have been following a belief system for a long time suddenly change their minds and decide to take a different approach to seeking truth. They may declare they have had an epiphany that the spirituality they’ve been practicing is condemned by God and so in a fearful move they burn their books and throw away all of their metaphysical things, including crystals. (Acts 19:19)

While it is true that man has made and will continue to make many books, (Ecclesiastes 12:12) including some about the occult (hidden knowledge) and to destroy them all in the name of God is one way to clear your conscience and clean your closet, we believe that crystals are a different matter.

Crystals or stones are not made by man. (Luke 19:40). Crystals and semiprecious stones are made by the very hand of God. They are found in the Earth, God’s most precious creation, which he cares very much about. (Isaiah 60: 13; 66:1)

If you have crystals in your home that you feel you shouldn’t have, we would like to suggest an alternative to throwing them into the garbage where they will end up in a landfill. Why not dig a deep hole and give them back to God’s most precious creation, the Earth?

What if you have stones that you inherited or that someone gave you and you just don’t want them? Another option would be to gift them to a friend or leave them in a conspicuous public place where someone who will be happy to find them might take them home. Let your “trash” become someone’s treasure!

If you feel like you do not have the time, energy or a place to bury your stones, we would like to offer to help. Contact us and we will have them shipped away at no cost to you. We will pledge to dispose of your stones for you in a prayerful and respectful way.

Do you have other ideas for getting rid of crystals? Let us know in the comments below and we may add your suggestions to this article.

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who has participated in this re-homing project!  It has become something bigger than I expected when I wrote this article! 

If you would like me to help you to re-home your unwanted stones, when you contact me could you please tell me:

1. How many crystals do you have?
2. Do you know approximately how much they weigh?
3. In what country and/or city do you live? (We need to calculate shipping costs and/or possibly locate someone nearer to you since I am in the EU)
4. Could you please provide us photos of the crystals (preferably next to a common object to see an estimate of the size)
5. What’s the story? (Where did you get the crystals? Why do you want to get rid of them? Anything else you’d like to share)

Please let me know if I can do anything else and if you would like me to reimburse your shipping costs, please send me your PayPal or Venmo.  If you want to ship it yourself as a kindness or a gift, that’s ok too, and you can choose whatever shipping service is cost effective for you.

Thanks again for connecting with me and I hope you all have a wonderful day! 


Black Swan Sibyl Healing


  1. Lindsay Givens
    May 16, 2021

    I would like to ship my broken crystals to you for to dispose. I saw in your article we can do that!

    1. Black Swan Sibyl
      June 3, 2021

      Hi Lindsay! I think the best thing to do with broken crystals is to bury them in special places. I recommend you go to your favorite outdoor spot, dig a small hole, just big enough to cover the crystal and leave it there. Of course I would ask that you do this respecting all property rules. 🙂 Thanks for contacting us!

  2. Heidi M.
    June 5, 2021

    Hi there, I just recently purchased a stone from a little shop I trust in California, it’s called moldavite, not too long ago, about May 29th, and it’s not resonating well for me. I have been noticing my energy has been off and I know my chakras are off balance..but I’ve never felt anything so transformative… I was at a friend’s house a couple days after that and had the worst anxiety attack of my life. My heart was in my chest and throat and I was shaking uncontrollably.. I thought it was from barely eating earlier that day .. but then I told my friend and she was like “Bad things can happen when you first get it, you just have to manifest to heal yourself from it with it,” I knew I should’ve done some more research before getting the stone, but now I would like to get rid of it respectably and responsibly. I wouldn’t want anything else to happen if I just threw it in the River or something.. Once I get home, I will cleanse it under warm water and moonlight since it hasn’t been cleansed before..
    Is there any way I could send the stone your way? It is still in perfect condition as well

    1. Black Swan Sibyl
      June 7, 2021

      Hi there! Thank you for contacting me! I do have some friends in the US to whom you could send the stone. Please do send me a private message via email at for further info.


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