Discernment- The First Step in Becoming Empowered

Whether you are a medium channeling spirits or an average person making daily decisions, how can you tell the difference between positive and negative influence?

First of all, it is important to know and understand yourself. You have to be honest about your feelings and know your weaknesses and what kind of temptation you’re susceptible to.

Second, you must evaluate the message that you are receiving.

Is the information helpful?
Is it empowering?
Is it loving and healing?
Does it support a unity perspective?
Does it make you feel positive?
Does it leave you feeling optimistic?

Or, does the message make you feel angry, sad, disempowered?
Does it make you feel compelled to act in a certain way?
Does it make you feel pressure?
Does it feel controlling, irresistible or overpowering?
Does it make you feel like you can not control your feelings or like you must give in to this powerful energy?
Does it give you the feeling like you must say or do something regardless of the consequences?
Do you feel bullied, undermined, criticized, or judged?
Does it make you feel guilty or humiliated?

Negative (service to self) entities, whether they are human beings or otherwise, do not have your highest good in mind. They take advantage of your weaknesses and exploit your insecurities. They will give you direct instructions and sometimes they will do it with a sense of urgency. They count on you giving them your power rather than thinking critically about whether this is really a good idea or not. They don’t want you to think. They want to think for you.

Positive (service to others) entities respect your free will. They will not violate your boundaries or tell you what to do. They will empower you and allow you to make your own decisions in order for you to have the experience you desire.

This life is all about experience and evolution. Negative or positive doesn’t mean right or wrong. A person who chooses the negative path will eventually end up in the unity perspective, though it may take a longer and more painful journey to arrive there. It is not a judgement to call a path to unity negative or positive. In the end, it is simply a matter of what kind of experience you want to have, and making choices accordingly.

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