Important Changes to This Blog

In order to help people to have a safe place to express themselves, I will be moving my more informative blog posts to Patreon.

Narcissists and sociopaths often threaten their victims to keep their mouth shut and to not discuss with anyone the abuse they are being or have been subjected to. The narcissist/sociopath knows that their power lies in secrecy and that their dirty deeds will be exposed if anyone listens to what their victims have to say.

In order to provide a safe place where people can be open and candid about their experiences and to discuss how to escape, survive, and recover from narcissist/sociopathic abuse, I have created a program that is available exclusively to Patreon subscribers. This will also enable us to connect safely and more intimately as a group.

I look forward to creating a community of men and women who are empowered and healing.

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