Gurus, Teachers, Mentors, Leaders – Who is Qualified to Lead?

On this spiritual journey of life, we will encounter many people who will teach us valuable lessons to help our souls evolve. These teachers may show up as actual advisors and mentors who give us counsel. Teachers can also appear to us in the form of friends, relationship partners, strangers, media personalities, experiences and even children. As long as we are in the state of mind of being a student and we are open to learning, we will be taught by the world around us.

A teacher does not have to be a certain age, have credentials or even be aware that they are teaching you anything. If you are conscious, you will learn something from every experience you have.

There are many people today who present themselves as authorities on the subjects of spirituality, faith, and soul evolution. There is so much content on the internet and in social media to choose from. How can you be sure that what you’re learning is right? How can you trust the people you listen to? How do you discern what is true in this world of abundant information?

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