When Practicing Gratitude Just Makes Me Feel Angry

Gratitude is a spiritual practice for raising your vibration. But what if we can’t feel grateful for anything? What if trying to feel grateful actually makes you feel angry? That’s good. It’s good to feel your actual feelings. If, while trying to feel positive feelings like gratitude, negative feelings come up, like anger, resentment and rage, feel those feelings and let them tell you what they have to say. Most likely you have been suppressing those feelings for a long time and now that they’re preventing you from feeling good intentionally you can take this opportunity to listen to them and acknowledge them. If you continue to try and suppress them, it won’t help you get out of the discomfort you were in that made you try raising your vibe in the first place.

The whole process of healing begins with feeling your feelings. Suppressing them in any way will not help you if your goal is to be happy.

When you come out of an abusive situation, you will have a lot of feeling to do. In order to ever feel like you’re deserving of the love and happiness the world has to offer you, you have to process the emotions that you’ve been avoiding for as long as you were allowing the abuse.

When someone tries to be nice to you and it hurts, you feel like you don’t deserve to receive kindness, you have to go into the reason why you feel like you don’t deserve it.

The truth is that you are worthy of love and kindness, you always were. There is nothing you could possibly have done that would make you unworthy of having your needs met, including the needs of love, kindness and generosity. You are just as worthy today at the age you are now as you were when you were a helpless newborn that had to have literally everything done for you. You deserve to have your needs met just as much as a helpless child does. Nothing you have done can change that. No mistake you’ve made, no mean thing you’ve said, nothing.

You are infinitely worthy and you always will be.

It will take time to fully integrate this truth but the effort is worth it.

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