Prayer of a Wounded Empath

dear god,

help me let go of the people I spent my life trying to get love from

so I can open my heart to receive love from those who want to give it freely

help me to forgive myself for not loving myself unconditionally

for abandoning myself and letting them convince me that there was something wrong with me

and nothing wrong with them

help me forgive myself for believing I was the problem

for ignoring all the signs that I was being used

for saying yes when I wanted to say no

help me forgive myself for making excuses for their shortcomings

for over-functioning and hurting my body

for continuing to work when I needed to rest

for hurting myself, thinking it would please them or keep me safe

for feeling sorry for others and not for myself

dear god, help me forgive myself for staying too long in a relationship I was miserable with

for denying my soul in order to make myself fit into a belief system that raped me emotionally and harmed my daughters

for not listening to my conscience

for believing that the truth was a lie and that lies were the truth

dear god, help me forgive myself for believing I didn’t deserve any better

help me forgive myself and to let go

so I can finally live the life I deserve

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