End of Life Phenomenon (DBE) is Real

Death is so much easier than being born. When we are born, we begin the journey of separation from God/Source. When we die, we are returning home. At the end of life, a dying person begins transitioning into spirit once again with the assistance of family members who have gone before them and angels or spirit guides.

The dying person may begin seeing the family and friends who are assisting their transition home. They may say that they see light, angels, or talk to the deceased family members they are seeing. Caregivers and family members may attribute these visions to delirium or to drugs, but I assure you, what they are experiencing is more real than the reality they’ve just spent their life in. You can help the dying to transition by listening to what they say, helping them to meet their needs if you perceive them asking and understand that this is their experience of returning to spirit. There is nothing to be afraid of.

We are surrounded by people in spirit form all the time, we are just not as aware of how much we can feel them until we focus on them. When a person is at the end of their life, they are no longer focused on their daily lives and the distortions of this reality. When a person is dying, they are focused only on their return to spirit. In this lucid state, they are reconnecting to the Divine Self.

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