Potential Titles for Future YouTube Self-Help Videos

We have to face the truth of the darkness that’s been perpetrated right under our noses if we are going to heal & overcome the trauma, pain & anger.

Potential titles for future YouTube videos:

“Depressed, Angry & Hopeless about pedophilia & ritual abuse”

“How can I forgive myself for unwittingly condoning blood sacrifice?”

“Depressed about the disillusionment of religion”

“I can’t believe god isn’t what I thought it was”

“I gave my life to religion only to find out it’s mind control.. now what?”

“I wasted my life waiting for a savior”

“I didn’t know that I was doing black magic”

“Betrayed by religion”

“I can’t believe I drank the blood & ate the flesh”

“Who am I without my ego?”

“Who am I without my religion?”

“Everything I thought I knew is a lie”

“Everything I believed has just been turned upside down”

“I feel used”

“How can I forgive myself for being deceived and used as a pawn in an evil plan?”

“Life without God”

“Life after God”

“Overcoming PTSD from spiritual suffering”

“Life after Mind Control”

“You mean we actually are all One?”

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