Why Gratitude is a Spiritual Practice

From the highest perspective there is no bad experience & there is no good experience. There is only experience, everything is neutral.

Most of us prefer to feel a higher vibration or what is considered “good” rather than feeling a lower vibration which is often called “bad”.

Feeling grateful for things in your life, especially when you’re feeling low, can help to raise your vibration and get you out of the funk.

Think of the law of inertia. When an object is pushed in one direction, it continues to go in the same direction until something either intercepts it or stops it.

So when you’re feeling down, it’s likely you will continue feeling down unless something happens to change your vibe.

Most of the time we wait for something outside of ourselves to give us a reason to feel better. But what if that never happens?

We can empower ourselves by taking charge of our own feelings. We don’t have to wait for someone to love us, approve of us or praise us to feel good about ourselves.

We can begin feeling better by feeling gratitude for the good things in our life that we can appreciate.

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