The Epic Drama of the End

This is what you asked for. You asked for hope. You asked for change. You prayed for revelations and you prayed for Armageddon. Everything you see happening around you, the emotions of your peers, the polarization of the people, is happening because you asked for it. The system cannot change, it must be replaced. You cannot build a new house on top of an old house. You cannot plant a garden of vegetables on top of weeds and thistles. First, the weeds must be removed and the soil must be turned.

What you are witnessing is a turning of the soil. From dark to light. It is a regime change. You asked for the evil to be removed. It is being removed. You asked for better conditions and peace on Earth. Maybe you didn’t know what you were asking for. Did you think it would happen overnight? In the blink of an eye, suddenly things would just be different when you wake up in the morning? That’s not how it works. A battle has to be fought. A battle between the dark and the light, good and bad, angels and demons.

Who do you want to win the battle? Who’s side are you on? You are more than just a bystander, your energy fuels the fire. One way or another, you are choosing sides. This is bigger than you. This is an Epic drama and you are here, watching it play out. Your participation is encouraged. Keep sending your thoughts. Keep sending your prayers. The light forces will overcome the dark forces. How long it takes is yet to be determined. Your light adds to the light. Your darkness adds to the darkness. Keep shining light.

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