In Order to Heal Your Dis-ease, You Need to Feel Your Feelings

All feelings matter

Why should anger, sadness & fear be suppressed in order to make other people comfortable?

Pretending to be happy isn’t the same as being happy.

If you feel angry or sad, those feelings will not go away until you allow them to be felt.

All disease begins in the emotional body. If you want to heal yourself of physical pain, you must feel the feelings that are causing it.

Feeling your feelings does not mean engaging in drama whenever you are triggered. If you are triggered by events that take place outside of you, it is because you have those feelings inside of you.

Instead of engaging in the drama, when you feel triggered, ask yourself why you feel this way. Acknowledge how you feel. Say to yourself, “this is what it feels like to feel _______ “ (angry, afraid, sad) Go into the feeling. Think about when you first felt this feeling and why. Know that it is ok to feel how you feel. You feel this way for a reason. Your feelings are valid.

Most of the time we carry feelings like anger, fear and sadness from our childhood. We weren’t able to fully feel our feelings at the time because we didn’t feel safe. We are grown up now, and it is safe to feel those feelings now. Once we acknowledge our feelings, accept our feelings and allow our feelings, we can release them, move on and heal.

If we never allow our feelings to be felt, we can develop pain and dis-ease in our bodies. This is our body carrying the suppressed energy of our feelings. When the energy becomes blocked, it will manifest as pain or disease of some sort.

We are sentient (feeling) beings. We live in a world that has made us believe that our feelings are not important, that they are unproductive, even irrational. We are not robots, even though our society would like us to be. If we try to conform to this idea of being mechanical, we will eventually break down. We are not an appliance, we are not computers. We are sensitive, sentient human beings.

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