What Happens to the Souls of Jehovah’s Witnesses When They Die?

Before becoming a dedicated and baptized servant, one must study and answer correctly a number of questions to indicate a strong desire to become a slave for Jehovah. After one is approved for the ceremony of full immersion in water baptism, one must again reaffirm their desire to be dedicated to the deity for life now and beyond in a “new world” by publicly declaring this desire, out loud, in front of an audience. The subject is then baptized, indicating a complete dedication to a life of service to Jehovah.

Complete submission to Jehovah is required both before and after dedication. Jehovah accepts that you do your best as long as you have whole-souled devotion. One is expected to attend all “Christian” meetings and gatherings, to shun outside influences considered “worldly”, including “unnecessary” association with family members and/or co-workers. A dedicated servant of Jehovah is expected to become completely isolated from any information other than that which is provided by the organization and to conform their thoughts, behaviors and speech patterns to the material that is considered normal and acceptable within the guidelines of the organization. Any deviation from this is considered rebellion or apostasy and is not tolerated.

As a result of this contract between an individual and the deity called Jehovah, what happens to a soul when they leave this life?

What happens to the individual soul after death depends on the level of commitment to the teachings. Those that are not completely dedicated and who still have a measure of independent or free thinking may have an opportunity to become free from the slavery in this lifetime or they may awaken to their condition in the afterlife. They must have an ability to question the things they have been taught.

For those who are unable or too afraid to question the teachings, they will fall asleep in death, just as they have been taught to expect, only they will not awaken in a paradise. Their soul will remain in stasis and will continue to feed the deity to whom they have been dedicated. Essentially becoming eternally enslaved by Jehovah. These sleeping souls cannot he reached by a medium or by loved ones. They know nothing and feel nothing.

How can you help those who have become slaves of Jehovah? In this lifetime, the only thing you can do is to continue to be loving and kind to your relatives or friends who have chosen to serve Jehovah. The most loving thing anyone can do for another is to allow them to have the experience they choose. What will happen to the thousands of souls who are in eternal stasis? Much like the souls of the beings who chose to be enslaved by other deities, they will wait until the deity dies. When the deity no longer has the power to sustain itself, eventually it will die out or move on. It is also possible that the entity called Jehovah is a reptilian who will be forced to leave the galaxy and will be forced to abandon the souls it has accumulated. Such an entity has no love or concern for its collection of souls other than the feeding of energy it gets from them. When these souls are released, they will be very confused and will need time to recover from their ordeal.

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