Are You Attached to Your Programming?

Are you addicted to the programs you are running?

Let us give an illustration.

When you were born, you brought with you into this life the knowledge and equipment you needed to carry out your purpose.

You had had everything you needed to fulfill your human mission when you were a newborn baby.

As you grew older, you downloaded programs that were offered to you by your caregivers, your institutions and your peers.

These programs belong to the world around you.

They are external.

They are not a part of you.

These programs are your belief systems and your thoughts.

They affect your frequency and cause you to create your experiences and what you perceive as reality.

When you decide that you no longer want to have the experiences associated with a certain program, you delete the program and your experience changes.

For example, you may enter this life as a member of a particular group in a particular location on your planet with particular spiritual beliefs.

As you become of age, you may leave the family, relocate and adopt new beliefs. This happens frequently on your planet.

Your programming is completely voluntary as you have free will.

As your Earth ascends, as it moves through the next part of the galaxy, old programs that caused your reality to exist as you know it are going to crash.

The earth is getting an upgrade and the software it has been running is going to be replaced.

You have also been running this software so you will also need to replace your programming.

When the Earth’s energy deletes the old program, your programs will also crash.

It is important that you keep the same frequency as the planet you live on in order to be comfortable as she goes through her shift.

If you are still running the old programs from the old energy, programs of limited beliefs, you will become more and more uncomfortable.

Some of you will decide to relocate to another planet in order to continue running the programs you want to experience.

Others will recognize that the programs are being deleted and will also delete the program within yourself.

Removing the information looks like spending time in contemplation, thinking about when and where you downloaded these programs and why.

Meditation, as in thinking deeply about what you have learned from operating through these programs and whether you want to continue.

Grounding, as in taking your rubber-soled shoes off of your feet and walking on the grass, stepping off of the pavement and the sidewalk to spend time observing nature.

And remembering the Source from which you came by recognizing yourself in every single person around you, seeing the similarities, relating the experiences of others to yourself.

As you take steps to do these things, the Universe and your Higher Self will bring what you need into your experience.

This article is an example of something coming into your experience to help you.

As you keep going, more experiences will happen in your life that reflect to you where you are going.

You are a part of the One Infinite Creator.

There is only an illusion of separation, division and duality, which is the experience you, The One, wanted to have in this Creation.

When you find the Oneness within yourself, you will recognize the programs you have adopted.

You will be free from limitation.

You will find more pleasure in life and in your fellow humans.

It will be fun and easy to create the life you want.

You will be able to do things that are magical because you will no longer be hindered by the programs that keep you in the cycle of limitation.

We are here.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
– Margaret Mead

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