Cosmic Disclosure

What if I told you that a Space Force already exists? What if I told you it has existed for a very long time!? Did you know that humanity has already been to the outer limits of the galaxy? That there are secret space programs associated with every branch of the military and even they are in the dark about the existence of the others? What if I told you that the Nazis were the first from our planet to go to the moon? What if I told you there is technology like that in Star Trek and Star Wars that already exists, we just don’t have access to it!?

You might call me crazy or label me a conspiracy theorist. Why would that be? Is it because you only believe things that are published by the government or education systems or the media? You might think it’s a conspiracy to say that those institutions exist solely to disinform you.

What would the world be like if everything I just mentioned was true? What would the world be like if we weren’t the only intelligent people? What would it be like if we were unlimited? Would there still be fear, war, death and sickness? Would there be a money system and an unbalanced system of power? Would there be religion? Would there be suffering?

The only way to really know the answer to these questions is to have an open mind and explore the information with your intuition. Critical thinking about the world we live in can open our eyes to amazing things. One place you can start is on the internet. With discernment and intuition, you might discover that what some might call fantasy is a lot closer to reality after all.

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