The Event is the Outcome of Your Awakening

Hello, beautiful souls, this is Christina the Black Swan Sibyl, greeting you in the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator. I am a medium and a channel. I work with a loving team of non-terrestrial beings from Sirius B. You can read more about us on our Sirius B page.

Today we bring you a message about an event that so many of you are eagerly waiting for. We are here and we are helping you. There is no more waiting. The event is happening now. The event is within you right now. You are the event. Your consciousness. Your thoughts. Your awakening is the event. Your remembering your divine love, your divine connection to all that is. This is the event. As you awaken and remember who you are, you are creating the event that is the end of limitation.

Through you, consciousness is awakening out of its dream of identification with being a limited human and withdrawing from your attachment to being limited.

Until now you have been dreaming that you are a separate, individual entity. You are awakening from this dream and understanding that you are ONE. This awakening is part of the event that is called the end of the world.

It is the end of the world as you know it. The end of the idea that you are separate from god and separate from each other. It is the end of the idea that you are not One consciousness. This is the end of limitation and what you would call darkness.

What you are looking for with your eyes, disclosure as you call it, is a natural consequence of your awakening consciousness. As you awaken you are beginning to see the world through your spiritual eyes. You are beginning to see the unveiling of what has been hidden in the dark. Yes, you have a choice of how you will feel about these revelations. They will be dark and dirty from the perspective of your old limited paradigm. When you remember that all is One, you will accept what has happened and you will forgive and let it go. These things were only allowed to happen because you were in dense darkness. You were complicit in this experience. Your ignorance and your lack of understanding allowed these things that you call “bad” to take place. You allowed it in your unconscious state. Your awakened consciousness understands that there is no separation, no duality and that all is a part of the One. Your awakened understanding empowers you to create accordingly. You create according to your level of consciousness. What was created according to your lack of consciousness is being brought into your awareness in order for you to begin to create according to your higher consciousness.

You were conditioned by thoughts and beliefs programmed into your reality by those who desire a certain energy. Your lack of awareness allowed this to happen. Your world is a result of this lack of awareness. You call this darkness. The deeds that have been done in the dark are being brought into the light. You will now be able to create your reality according to full knowledge of all the information. You will now begin to create your reality according to your awakened consciousness.

Yes there will be some people who will choose to leave your planet at this point. They will not have the ability to tolerate the frequency of unity because they are not yet ready or able to reach the level of energy to accept oneness. This will look like madness to you. They are not ready for unity consciousness, they still desire the experience of separation. Their thoughts and beliefs are limited to the old paradigm. They cannot create according to the higher consciousness of your ascending planet. So they will cause themselves to leave your planet whereupon they will rest and then reincarnate again on another planet where they can continue the experience of separation.

It is important to let them go. In order to fully experience the event you must allow it to happen. It would seem to you that the event is slow in coming because you have been in resistance. You continue to participate in duality. By waiting for an event to take place in your reality you are still giving your power to something outside of you. The event is not going to cause your reality to change, you are going to cause the event by changing your reality. The event is the result of you becoming empowered. The event is visible in your reality when you awaken your consciousness. You are the event. The event is the outcome of your awakening.

Become present in every moment. Allow everything to take place. Remain detached from what is happening around you. When you have an opinion, a belief, or a thought about the events taking place around you, integrate your feelings. Remember that you are one with everything that is happening.

Let go.

We are here. We are you. We are one.


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
– Margaret Mead

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