Born In Sin/Perfection

When I look at my newborn son and his perfect little face, body and consciousness, I marvel at the divinity that he is. My religion would have me believe that he is sinful, dying from day one, carrying the imperfection of the original man who was disobedient to God. I’ve never really been able to reconcile this idea, especially when looking at a newborn child. The fact is, humans are not born into sin, they are only taught this idea in order to manifest a particular outcome for themselves. If they agree with this belief, then it will become true, but the belief is not absolute.

Each of us is as perfect and worthy of joy and happiness as we were when we were newly born. There is nothing that we can do to diminish our value. Our eyes are God’s eyes. Our experience is God’s experience. We ourselves are god and if we believe that we are defective, as creator gods, that is exactly what we will manifest in our reality.

I will be telling my son that he is perfect. I will do my best to not make him feel bad or guilty when he makes choices. I will teach him that there are no mistakes in life, that there are only learning experiences.

In doing this for my child, I hope that I will begin to let go of my own guilt. I hope that I will begin to hold a space for others to feel worthy and loved.

Human beings are incredibly powerful beings. We have been told to believe that we are limited and we have been made to feel guilty for simply existing. This belief has caused us to create a reality that disempowers us and keeps us looking outside of ourselves for the solutions to our problems.

Now is the perfect time to take our power back. All we have to do is change what we believe.

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