I woke up this morning and realized
I have everything I’ve ever wanted
Namely love
Remember that two years ago I walked away from what I thought was everything
In order to save my soul
And now here I am
Exactly where I want to be
With whom I want to be and
I have enough

There is something left behind that belongs to me
Namely whatever is fair
For my 20 year investment
For my dedicated service
I don’t know what is owed to me
But I deserve it
I will stand up for it

It’s not about how much there is
Or how much of it is
Or isn’t
I only want what’s fair

Because that’s what I value
If the other party values
Something else
That’s fine
He can have what he values
It’s all he ever valued
And it’s not my place to take it away from him
I wouldn’t want to
I only want what’s fair

You can tell what a person values
By what they stand for
Or are willing to fight for

I value Justice
I value love
I value truth

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