Mother’s Day Wishes

Wishing a love-filled Mother’s Day to all
To the children, men and women who never had a mother
To all the women who’ve never had a child
To all the children whose mothers are no longer in their lives
To the fathers who have filled the role of the mother
And all the parents of pets
Happy Maternal Energy Day to all of you
not all mamas are women
not all masculine are men
so to all of you who love like mamas
who miss your momma
who feel mama drama
may you feel healing
Happy Mother’s Day to all the depressed
and lonely people with mommy issues
To all those whose moms are gone
and to those moms who feel underappreciated
and today will be no different
A special hug for those who don’t honor holidays at all
They can either be great celebrations
just another day
or a total miserable experience
depending on how you feel about them
To every being with a belly button
May you have a peaceful day

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