14 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW to Develop Your Own Intuition

As many of you may know, I have been an intuitive empath, channel and medium my entire life. Since coming into a safe environment where my abilities are appreciated and accepted, I have been able to clear out old thought forms and belief patterns that had kept me stuck at a lower vibration where I was channeling a mix of positive and negative information. It is very clear to me now, just how empowering it is to have a clear connection with yourself and with the infinite wisdom that surrounds us at all times.

I think it is perfectly natural to receive assistance from another being in order to find your way to your greatest version of yourself and thus create the reality you truly desire rather than feeling lost and confused.

There are people who, although they are spiritual and are searching for a path, find themselves becoming dependent divination for guidance and wisdom when they would benefit more from developing their own intuition and healing the thought forms that may cloud their consciousness. Dependency on divination can sometimes lead to continued disempowerment, disappointment and disillusion. Some people are either unable or unwilling to accept that they are creating their own reality, that they are not victims but they are creators. Many people live in a state of denial about how much power they really have.

I feel like it is my mission to empower people, to teach them that they have all they need within themselves and to support them as they discover this. As the saying goes, give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime. It is a process and I feel capable of providing this service because of all the experiences I have had throughout this and many lifetimes.

14 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW in Order To Develop Your Own Intuition

Eat high vibrational foods (live/raw)
Avoid toxic people, places, things and situations
Avoid fluoridated water, try structuring your water
Do yoga
Spend time in nature, connect with the earth
Burn incense or sage
Create a sacred space to spend time alone

Visualize light coming from the Source into your chakras
Get in touch with your own feelings.
Pay attention to how you feel when you interact with others.
Trust how you feel in situations. If it feels uncomfortable, this is a message for you.
Be grateful for the positive things in your life and focus on those rather than what you deem negative

Practice meditation, quiet your mind
Pay attention to how you are thinking about the things that take place throughout your day and realize if you are operating based on old belief systems or thought patterns that no longer align with the life you want.

When you incorporate these 14 habits into your daily life, you will begin to see and feel changes reflected in your life. To read more about developing your intuition and empowering yourself, please download my ebooks here.

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