Are You Hearing Voices?

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Are You Hearing Voices?

This is a question I was asked often during the time I believed I was mentally ill.  I never felt comfortable with telling the truth because somewhere inside my soul I knew that I wasn’t crazy, I was a psychic medium.  I suffered for many years trying to suppress the inner voice of my own soul, the voice that was trying to lead me out of a miserable relationship and into self-empowerment.  I wish I’d had another option then, some other direction in which to look for answers about what I was experiencing.  

I have written an ebook that shows you 7 practices that will help to understand what you may be hearing, gain control & create freedom in your personal experience.
Some of the points you will learn in this downloadable book include:

You are not the only one who has this experience. In fact such experiences occur often and are perfectly normal. Many people hear things that do not originate physically within hearing distance of their ears. This can happen in many different ways, including through the psychic gift known as clairaudience.

There are many entities that are interested in speaking to us. This includes departed loved ones, ascended masters, angels, spirit guides and many other kinds of nonphysical beings, often highly positive. Their projected thoughts are often perceived clairaudiently, that is, they are perceived as being heard when in fact there is no sound occurring “in the air”. Thought-forms are often heard in this way, that is to say, our own thoughts can speak to us and other people’s thought forms can too, and especially if we resonate with them, they may feel like our own. As you probably know, some thoughts are worth listening to and many are not.  It is wise to ask questions to discern who is talking to you. Be direct.

Many voices have important messages for you, including & especially the voices of your higher self, your spirit guides, and other positive beings. If you listen carefully, you can hear and benefit from the wisdom that exists in the higher realms.

Any voice that: 1) makes you feel disempowered, discouraged or undermined; 2) tries to feed your ego by saying there is something special about you that makes you more valuable than others; or 3) that commands you to do things without consideration of your free will, is not your friend. If any of these things happen, tell the voice to go away and stop paying attention to it.

In order to have effective discernment, the most important thing is to become clear by aligning with yourself and your own heart. When you are in alignment with yourself, you will know yourself, and so you will immediately recognize anything that is not in alignment with yourself, your intuition or your feelings.

Your higher self and spirit guides would never lead you down a path that would be truly harmful to yourself or others, even if it may seem that way according to the false beliefs some of us still hold.

We live in an exciting time where things that we once thought weren’t possible, are happening to ordinary people. We used to believe that the world was limited to what our institutions taught us. Now, however, we are seeing miracles happen every day. By taking action to become a high vibrational person, with a clear connection to Spirit, you are anchoring the light for creating a new reality on this planet!

The free version of this downloadable eBook gives you the first 2 practices, with the remaining 5 available for purchase in the full version in our webshop! Get it here!

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