The Dark Place

Feeling suicidal.  

Wanting to escape.  

It’s more than just wanting to run away.  

It’s going down into that deep dark place.  

Descending down the staircase of despair.  

Cold and damp down here

It’s negative feelings amplified.

Echoes on the walls

Down at the bottom of the dark place 

Where it is preferable to die

Rather than to feel the pain.  

Of feeling




Those feelings mean I’m worthless

Those feelings say I’m powerless 

There’s nothing left but suffering 

Excruciating pain

No one knows when you arrive here

No one else exists 

Not many people visit here

Who find their way back out

It’s more sadness than can be explained 

Unless you’ve been here

You can’t understand 

Scratch my name into the wall

Remember I was here

This cold dark place 

It waits for me


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