I Love Me

I am the only one I know who is like me. I am the only one who has been through and overcome all of the trials and suffering and pain that I have. I appreciate myself and everything that I have been through that has made me – me. No one will ever comprehend the suffering I have endured. I cannot compare my experiences to anyone else’s because it belongs uniquely to me. I appreciate me. I love me. I understand me. I do not need anyone else to see me, for I see me and I love me. This appreciation I have for me, is because of me. I owe myself all the credit for supporting me, for loving me and believing in me. I am my own best friend. I am my biggest fan and greatest ally. I am most loyal to me because without me, I never would have come this far. I used to wish I had the compassion and understanding and support of family. But now I realize there is only and always only me. And as long as I love me, there is no one else I need.

Here’s to 2018
The year where we all finally get what we deserve

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