Wonder Woman

Words of wisdom from my 18 year old daughter, Stephanie:

“The story of Wonder Woman, is that of young girl named Diana, who was born from Hera. She was made by the light and delivered to save mankind from destruction of their own darkness. She comes from a land of peace and only women reside there. She is raised so that she knows nothing of the cruelty and the unjust ways of men in the outer world. So when she rises as savior for her people (the amazons), to defeat the god Ares, she experiences the barbarity for herself and not just knows, but believes that there must be a stop to this behavior. The story line is quite familiar to me.. it moves me in ways that reach deep in my soul. I feel as if I connect to this feeling of misplacement in a world full of viciousness. But this feeling has never filled me with fear, in fact, just the opposite. I feel moved, inclined, almost obligated, to save these people from their own anger and sadness that derives from a place of mistreatment and a cycle of abuse. They fail to realize that this light we posses, resides in each and every one of us. We are all powerful.. some just use their power for ill. But like Diana, when asked what I am… the only appropriate response would be that I, Stephanie Grace, am a believer… in love and in justice. You may call me crazy and delusional, but you cannot bring a believer down from their own dreams or desires. The heart does want what it wants… even if it causes harm to oneself. Wonder Woman is a leader for many other women, who have driven themselves to insanity and unhappiness by depending on men who believe in the ego for power, rather than rational intellect of oneself and ones emotions. There is a cycle of this between both genders and still, we are raising children under our own poisonous influence. The cycle must be broken and Diana realizes this. It troubles her because she is an advocate and a defender of her own self and seeing women belittling their own selves by choice for a mans attention, just seems so… preposterous. However, the world of men does teach her lessons of herself as well. The man that finds himself stranded on their island, named Steve, shows her what men are really like. She sees that men are tied up in their own ego and womanize females due to their insecurity and lack of self love. It becomes very easy for Diana to generalize all men as pigs due to the encounter of their weakness. But in turn, Steve does enlighten Diana on the truth after saving her life and he says, “Not everything a man does is to prove a mysogynistic agenda. We don’t hold doors open or pull out chairs for women because we’re trying to keep you down. And I didn’t save you because I thought you were some damsel in distress. I saved you because I care about you Diana.. and I’m not going to abandon a friend in need… man or woman.” Wonder Woman serves as an ambassador and catalyst for the world and a patriot for her people, which are family to her. I will not say I am Wonder Woman but I do believe I and many other women, have the potential to be a great leader, just as she is represented.”

To all the wonderful people in my life

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