Poetic Justice

Dear family,

The time has come for me to say goodbye to you all. The opportunity has been allowed for you to share any thoughts or feelings about me that you may have. Whatever you may have chosen to do with this opportunity, on your behalf I will now consider it done.

I do not do this with a heavy heart, but with a spirit of release and letting go. For your silence I bear you no ill-will, no anger, no resentment, no hard feelings of any kind.

If you considered yourself to have any obligations or duties or any ties to me whatsoever on the basis of our blood relation, even vague or unclear feelings of obligation, I hereby release you from any such feelings. I hereby release myself also from any such feelings of obligation.

From now on there is no need for you to think of me, to hold me either in your thoughts or in your prayers. There is no need for you to remember me at family gatherings, to talk about me or refer to me in any way. Let my name not ever again pass your lips. For you, I no longer exist.

If you have any old photos of me, or any other items that might remind you of me, do not feel that you need to keep them around. Feel free to throw them away, destroy them or otherwise do what is necessary to remove them from your reality. Let the memories of all the experiences that we shared together over the years fade away like morning mist in the noonday sun. For you, I have never existed.

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