An Open Letter to the Parents of Little Girls

Dear Parents,

You have a special little girl in your care. She is not like most other children that you know. She already does not want to be like other children or other people, and as she gets older, this will only increase. This strong and wise soul has come to be your child to spend time with you in this temporary life. Her presence with you is a gift of love.

How you are going to raise her? You have choices about this.

You can support her uniqueness, foster her creativity, and encourage her to express herself exactly the way she wants to be seen and heard. You can listen to her when she talks about her feelings, listen to what she cries about, and help her to understand that those feelings are important because they tell her where she is meant to go in life. You can help her realize that divine wisdom speaks to her in way that is just for her, that no one else can hear. For she is wise and will have many “knowings” about when a path is right for her and when it is not, without having to learn her “knowings” from anyone else.


You can teach her to be afraid of the things you are afraid of. You can teach her to believe the things that you were taught to believe, that things are such-and-such a way, and that’s just how things are. You can teach her that “this” is possible for a person and “that” is not possible, “you can be this” and “you can’t be that”. You can teach her that knowledge of how to be in life comes from somewhere else, from other people, from books, from “authorities”. When she expresses her inner knowing, you can shut her down, you can teach her to feel guilty for having ideas that are different, “crazy”. If she gets emotional and frustrated and rebellious when you put limits on her, you can decide that there is something “wrong” with her, that she is “mentally ill”.


If you feed her sunshine, if you water her, if you give her rich soil in which to grow as only she knows how to do… if you let her become bigger than you ever imagined you yourself could be… she will return the blessing many times over, for her greatness will show you that you have the very same greatness within yourself. Will you accept her gift?

Eric & Christie

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