Christ Consciousness

If Love incarnate were to stand in front of you and offer itself to you, would you receive the love being extended to you? Would you recognize Love if it stood before you? Love can only give if it is also received. A connection is required for LOVE to exist and expand. YOU are love. I am love. If one of us is unwilling or unable to connect, Love will walk away empty handed. We must ALL BE love.

Many of us are looking for love in our religious figures or beliefs. Take Jesus for example. Many people who call themselves Christians are waiting for Jesus to return and love them. What if Jesus were already here. What if he came back as a black man, a white woman, a disabled person, a gay man, a homeless woman, or a stray dog. How would you recognize him? Would you recognize him? You would if YOU Yourself embodied the consciousness of Christ within yourself. We are ALL him.. we are all Love. We are all hate. We are all forgiveness and we are all rage. The only thing that separates us, is what we choose to be. If we all would choose to BE love, we would no longer be waiting for someone else to come and do what WE already have the power to do.

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