I Am Being Watched

I’ve shared my journey for my own encouragement and strength, but also because I could feel my friends who resonated with what they were reading. I felt them taking my words and reflecting on their own, similar situation. I am SO proud of the ones who are taking action.. You know who you are, girls .. I am so filled with love and gratitude to you because I’ve been called crazy so long I believed it was true. I did it anyway, believing I would come out on the other side even though it would be hard. I needed to feel like I wasn’t doing this just for myself.. I felt strengthened believing that by sharing, I was helping others escape the same abuse as me. I did it to show my girls they don’t have to settle for unkind treatment.. That they deserve better. I am so grateful for you sharing your thoughts with me, and for doing this for you. THIS IS WHY I DID WHAT I DID HOW I DID IT!

(Composed 08/19/2016)

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