Walk a Mile In My Shoes

My supportive friends
The ones who have been the most encouraging to me
During this whole ordeal
Are the ones who are also undergoing
Extreme challenges in their own lives
Struggles and suffering
Different circumstances
But the resilience and strength required to endure and still thrive
Are the same
We are matched in our pain
That’s why they’re most valuable to me
Because they see beyond the vague venting and seemed insanity
They know there’s a lot more going on than what’s said
They fill in the blanks because they know such extremes would be unnecessary
If the situation itself wasn’t equally as extreme.

Quote of the day comes from my close friend and former Bible student..

“If the religion were all that it says it is, all unity and loving and forgiving, my daughter and supposed friends wouldn’t be against me so vehemently.. They would be supportive. I’m so sorry you had to find love and acceptance in a another country.”

Dear Angels may I please always be surrounded by fun-loving people who can hold an intelligent conversation

(Originally published on FB 08/13/2016)

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