I’ve been in THE HOUSE
since Sunday
Since then I’ve slept little
And last night I began to feel
Fibromyalgia pain
Now I’m no doctor
(But I play one on the Internet)
I’ve educated myself extensively
On the topics of physical, spiritual and emotional wellness
And I have learned
That all
Begins in the emotional body
The energetic body surrounding you
Your aura
That said,
I’m not running away from my problems
I’m taking care of myself
And seeking healing
Love heals
My own love
To care for myself
For the past two days I’ve felt
Like I’m being pummeled
Right in my stomach
Like I’ve been punched in the gut
By the thoughts that are being thought
In the vicinity
There have been words
Which, in the open can be processed
But it’s what not being spoken that hurts
The hate
The dissatisfaction that’s been there for years
This pain this familiar sickening pain
Until I got away from it
I couldn’t identify it
But now that I identify it
It makes me even sicker
To understand that I permitted it
For as long as I did

(Composed 08/10/2016)

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