Your Excuses Are Your Reality

If you’re tolerating
In a relationship
Any relationship
You may love the person
But tolerable
Isn’t love able
Love isn’t able to thrive
Dry, neglected and deserted
Tolerating one another
Will eventually become intolerable
Unless it is nurtured and cared for
It just won’t
You either do it or you don’t
You don’t get results from things
You should be doing
If you’re not doing it
It will manifest
Take house plants for example
You’re either watering them
Or not
Knowing you should be watering them
Won’t keep them alive
They won’t thrive
Their leaves will wilt
And fall off
And they will begin to look
You know what you should be doing
But you don’t
Then your excuses
Are your reality
To be completely honest
I’d rather change the subject
Of the past few months
What I’d really like to talk about
Is love
Love is beautiful
Love is patient
Love is hopeful
Love is understanding
Love is willing to face the shadows
Love is willing to work together
And be flexible
Love is honoring feelings
Love is allowance for uniqueness
And opinion
Love doesn’t manipulate
Or lay guilt trips
Love is cooperation
Mutual respect
Shared values
Love is partnership
Love is caring
Love is generous
Love is tender and kind
Love isn’t painful
But love is willing to experience
A little pain
In the name of growth
But love doesn’t permit
Violation of self
That’s not love
That’s need
Coming from lack of love
So you see
Loving oneself
Doesn’t mean you are self centered
It means you treat yourself the way you expect others to treat you
It means seeing your own value
So others will see it too
Then you will attract the love you want
If you want the level of love
That matches what you have to give
And passionate
Then act like you deserve it
Demand nothing less
Then you will see what love is
When you say
I am infinitely worthy
Of love and happiness
The universe will agree
And make it happen for you
If you believe you’re worthless and unlovable
The universe will agree
And reflect that back to you
So look at your life
Is it telling you how great you are?
If so, congrats
Way to set the example
If not
Why not
What do you need to feel loved?
If you’re honest
You may need to crack some heads, too
It’ll be ok
It’s worth it in the end
All in the name of love

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