Listen to the Voices in Your Head

In my journey
I have learned
That life occurs
In a synchronistic series
Of wake up calls
Calling us to awaken to
A life of choice
As long as we ignore the signs
As long as we ignore our feelings
We will keep droning along
Wondering why we aren’t manifesting what we want
It’s available to us
Our deepest desires fulfilled
It’s a possibility
Or else we wouldn’t even want for it
But until we start listening to the universe
This loving, benevolent, beautiful
Living multiverse,
We will wonder why we aren’t happy
Until we get so tired of being unfulfilled
Will we finally stop the treadmill and ask questions
Finally allowing ourselves to be led
To be shown
The truth about magic and
Manifesting the reality we desire
But until then
We just keep thinking
Just keep thinking

I figure
By now it’s safe to say
If it ever was
That the first thing the voices said
The first thing I heard
And was compelled to write
Was that
The voices have a message
A message that needs to be heard
Voices have been silenced
Silenced out of fear
That listening to them
Might raise questions
Questions that
If pursued
Might lead to
A massive shift
Shift in consciousness
Shift in reality
God forbid
Facing the shadows
Facing the great
Fear of unknown
Fear that
What you have been taught to believe
Isn’t real
At all
And if you stopped supporting the
Learned behavior
And adopted
A new approach
You might lose something
And perhaps
Those things
Are exactly the things
Keeping you
In the end
It really is
How fucked up is that!?
Fucked up
Welcome to
La La Land
The weather is great 😂


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