All American Girl

The most difficult question
Where are you from
How far back do you want me to go
In this lifetime
The States
From which
I was born in Florida
My parents were hippies
I spent some time on the road
With them in a VW bus
With a pop top
It’s was fun, I would say the happiest time of my life
Until we settled in a cabin
In the Colorado mountains
No power
No plumbing
Too rough for mom
So back to Florida
Dad and I
Then he met Susan
And Valerie
And we went to Idaho
Then came Karen and the kids
When I was 16 I moved to
Disliked it
So I moved to Seattle
For a minute
Then California
And loved it
A lot
Had a studio
And a job
And a bicycle
And friends
Then someone gave me a book
And told me to believe it
(But that’s another story)
A road trip to me to Michigan
(Why would anyone live there?)
Where I got stuck
For another minute
Then a bus to Vegas
Where I thrived
And worked
And saved
And biked
(I really like the two wheel transportation thing)
Then mom called
(Oh mother, ever elusive mother of mine, how I’ve waited for you to want me)
Back to Virginia
Got a good job
Had my own place
Tried to be good for Jehovah
(That’s another story)
So I’ve been in every state
In the lower 48
Except North Dakota
My feet have touched the soil
That’s just this lifetime
I resonate
With the west
Where the natives thrived
And lived in harmony
With the mother spirit of earth.
Back east
Is a cesspool
Of civil dispute
From the top to the bottom
The ground cries out
The blood of boys
Black and white
Incited to fight
On behalf of
Imaginary rights
These States
Aren’t United
The people in each one
Have their own culture
Their own mentality
Their own ideas
That separate them
Illusions they prefer
I’m from a long time ago
When duality was just an idea
A thought yet to explore
An experience of difference
Yet to be had
A perspective not yet
in this lifetime
I have had the privilege to
I am a spiritual being
Having a human experience
This is my experience
I chose it
Or unconsciously
It’s my experience
No one can have the same
We are each an experience
A perspective
A version of reality
Unique to each
Where are you from?


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