Cliff Notes for Getting Through an Emotional Block

How to get through an argument or a difficult emotional situation and grow:

couples version (applies to all genders and role combos, could be reversed but for simplicity I use the following)

Remain calm

Girl: be open and honest about your feelings to your man (i.e.: I am angry.. and say why)

Guy: ask the girl how she wants you to respond and listen

Girl: tell him what you want to hear from him that would make you feel better (use the exact words you want him to say)

Guy: tell her what she needs to hear in harmony with how you actually feel (don't lie to her if it's not true, be honest according to what's true for you)

Honesty is the key here, both parties need to feel safe to express their fears and feelings. When you care for the feelings of another and you are honest, you will either grow together or part amicably. This requires maturity, self love and self understanding on both parts.

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