Rant on Religion (7/25/2016)

I became much happier when I stopped trying to save other people… they don't want to be saved!

I think some people would be much happier if they did the same. It is not our job to help people see "the light" because the light is different for each of us. In fact, doing so is kind of a form of narcissism, isn't it? Why do you want to control other people's lives? Why does it bother you if they're not living according to fill in the blank standards? How about just being encouraging and supporting people who are learning to love themselves?

It seems like we all intuitively know what we "should" be doing unless someone else tells us otherwise. Why do we listen to other people?

Religion is the first and foremost foundation of mind control… It provides the basis for government, the monetary system, the educational system and everything else… Am I the only one that sees this? It doesn't make people happy, it makes them angry and afraid… Afraid that God will kill them if they're not obedient and angry that everyone else isn't doing the same thing that they're doing. How about we all just live our damn lives? The world would be a much better place! People want to deny it but it's true! "God" is responsible for all of the problems in the world! LOL how funny is that?

When you give the power away to some unseen deity who you don't even understand in the first place, a "mystery" .. then what are you left with? No power and putting the blame on somebody else for your problems! It makes us victim! Let's blame the devil, let's blame everything but our own choices. Start making good choices that are in line with your greatest happiness and your life will not need a god to blame! Stop giving away your power! And if that makes you mad, that I'm talking about your God like this, think about your God for a second! Why would that make you mad LOL don't be afraid, I'm not going to die at Armageddon, or go to hell LOL there's no such thing LOL it's just funny beyond words

There are many different "holy Scriptures" but let's just take the Judeo Christian Scriptures for example, think about this real hard. If you can. The "original sin" was that Eve wanted to understand the knowledge of good and bad… Think about that for a second… knowledge is a sin according to this "God" in order to establish a boundary, respect for him and his authority. What kind of "God" would do that? One that wants to control you. We are limitless beings, folks. Limitless. But this particular being, admittedly a higher being, has written a story to make you think that you are powerless. That you have to depend on him to save you, and tell you how to live your life from cradle to grave. Creating a workforce of slaves who are too afraid to ask questions.. Turning choice into "sin" from which only a blood sacrifice, a BLOOD RITUAL!! can save you! How is this even possible? When "pagans" make blood sacrifices they are considered demonic and yet Christians make a blood sacrifice every time they depend on Jesus hanging on the cross or stake to save them from their powerlessness. Every time the pass the wine/blood and eat the bread/flesh! Helloooooo!? Do you not see that that is a hypocritical belief? Symbolic or real, ITS THE SAME THING! People drink down the lies as a custom! Some people have read the Bible 40 or more times… It only took me three to understand that it was a very intricately weaved web of mind control. I didn't want to believe it because if y'all know me, I invested my heart and soul in this God. It was hard for me to see him for what he really was. It took some time for me to accept it and when I did It made me mad… once you see the man behind the curtain, everything becomes clear.. My intention isn't to destroy everything you believe in LOL I just think you should ask a few more questions before you give over your heart and soul and blood.. Look around you. Just think objectively for a moment and tell me you really want this ritualistic blood thirsty God telling you what to do. All religion is mind control. Every single one. And the planet would be better off if people started making decisions out of love for one another then fear of this angry, judgmental and critical God. 1 John 4:8 says that he that does not know God, does not know love because God is love. WTF?!?! If that is love, then YOU are the true gods because that particular God doesn't act like love.. That God and enslaves humans (and the whole planet for that matter). He is worse than the other gods who at least throws his children in the fire and kills them! THIS ONE HAS CREATED A VOLUNTARY SLAVE SOCIETY BASED ON FEAR AND ANGER!

You are the creators. You are God. You are the love. Each and every one of you. And if this removes you from my friends list, I thank you for listening and I hope these questions will ring around in your mind when you see all the shit going down in the world and feel powerless to do anything about it but bitch and wish people would do what you think they should do. Or that Jesus or Mohammed or whoever would come save you. It's not going to happen. It's a choice.. It all starts with you, waking up to the illusion you've been in for generations.
I say this angrily, as a former slave, hoping my love for you comes through despite my resentment for having been in captivity for so long. I'm just trying to break you all out of prison. But if you don't want to come out of the prison, if it's comfortable for you to stay in there because they have provided everything you need and you have Munchhausen syndrome… I wish you the best. Call me if you need someone to vent to when you realize what they've done to you. If you really really really want people to see the light, close your mouth and be the light. It's how we treat other people that radiates out of us, it's the light in our own heart. It is a consciousness. The Christ consciousness… Stop quoting him and act like him! If you do this, you do not have to say a word.

(Composed July 25, 2016)

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