I Know Why The Free Bird Sings

Don't sing
They said
Don't tell them it's abuse
Don't sing
They said
They don't want to hear my voice
But I know they can't resist listening
They want to see what I am up to
They can't believe what I have done
Am doing
They're stalking my blog
Stalking my social media
They cannot resist
They want to watch
Like peeping toms
They can't help it
They can't stop looking
I know they are there
They don't have to say a word
I feel them
I feel their eyes on my words
I feel their feelings in my soul
Part of me is afraid
I feel threatened
Or maybe it's them that feel threatened
Because they don't want me to sing
They want to punish me for telling on them
Their dirty deeds
Their crimes exposed
It is tempting to be quiet
I'm almost intimidated
But then again
I've come this far
I never would have imagined that I could do what I've done
Left it all behind
Moved across the ocean alone
To a foreign country where I don't know anyone
Except a stranger I met on the internet
Sounds crazy, I know
But do you think I would have gone to such extreme measures
If everything I've claimed isn't true?
Oh, I'm singing, alright
There's nothing you can do
To stop me
From telling
This free bird has flown
I'm singing what's true

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