Sickness is a Perspective That Serves Those Who Profit From it

I know what I've said

I own every word

I know how it appears

Every emotion is mine

I have not censored

I have disclosed

In the form of poems 

And lyrics 

And art

I own it

Every bit

And I know some perceive it as

Illness or madness

And they're right

To a degree

But there's nothing to be afraid of

Sickness is a perspective that serves those 

Who benefit

If I'm sick

Then my words can be dismissed 

If I'm so powerful and truthful that it threatens your reality

Of course it's better for you to tell everyone there's something wrong with me

Because as long as there's something wrong with me

Then you can continue to believe there's nothing wrong with you

Keep telling them not to look behind the curtain 

I will tear it down.. Rip it from top to bottom

 I disagree with your nonprofessional assessment

There is nothing wrong with my brain

In fact 

It is in better condition than it has ever been

Set free from bondage

I know who I am

I know where I've been

I have no doubts as to what I am doing

I'm secure and it's going to be very hard to get a rise out of me

I've got an army behind me

And I'm not afraid of anything you throw at me

I don't subscribe to the fear they're feeding you

And you don't have to either

There is nothing to fear

But fear itself

Conquer the fear

Quench it with love

And all the poison arrows they throw

Will dissolve before they touch you

Should I take the plane? Or fly in on my broomstick? 

I don't think they're ready for the level of magic I wield

Oh well

Ready or not 

Here I come


Composed 19 July 2016

(Actual footage of me climbing out of the hell hole of my life)

(Just kidding photo credit to an artist and a photographer and the internet. I wish I had more info on this for you, but I don't remember the google site I borrowed this from. I have not made any profit from the use of this photo, I use it for artistic purposes. If you own this photo and you want it removed, please let me know before slapping me with some lawsuit. Thanks)

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