I Am the Great I Am

I am beautiful. 

I am amazing. 

I have a beautiful smile. 

I can sing and dance quite well. 

I am strong. 

Stronger than I ever imagined I would be. 

I am forgiving

I am loving

I am wet 

From the rain

I am learning Dutch. 

I am manifesting my wishes. 

I made a wish and it came true. 

Many wishes in fact… 


All you have to do is ask nicely 

and your wishes will be granted… 

I feel deeply.

I run away

I do yoga

I scream very loudly

I need to scream

I’m afraid to let it all out

I’m afraid that if I let it out

I’ll lose my stability

So I feel like I have to explain it

Make it into art

Into a colorful paper box

So that people can understand 


Art vs Insanity

Is it insane to scream your lungs out


To dance freely

In the public square 

In the middle 

Of a restaurant 

Of traffic

In your car 

Behind the wheel

On your bike

On your run

Where is it just expression


A straight line

To a straitjacket 

Coloring in the lines

Whose lines? 

I’ve memorized my lines

And rewritten them 

Several times

At least 4

Maybe more

I am crazy

Crazy about my life

Crazy about



I’ve been cheated

I’ve cheated

What sane person hasn’t?

I know the rules of the game

Because I have made them up

All of them

As I go along


I guess that’s your perspective

But the truth is

No one cares more than me

That’s why it’s all so fucking painful

I care




Call me crazy

But I assure you

I’m not crazy

I’m creative

Creative Christie

Crazy Christie



Composed 07/12/2016

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