Walk Away 

If you were stuck in a container full of mosquitos and all you had to do was open the door and leave, why wouldn’t you? The same is true for the situation in the US. It’s only contained in the states. You can open the door anytime and not subject yourself to this state of mind just by rising above it. Start looking at the big picture, raise your perspective to include all races and lives.. I don’t blame the ETs for not making contact with us yet. We kill our own kind, why would we be friendly toward intergalactic races? Why do we assume the worst instead of expecting the best? 

You get what you ask for

You get what you expect

You create what you think about

Whatever goes on in your head is what you will get as a result

It’s called manifestation 

You won’t get love and peace if all your thoughts and words dwell in the negative.

Accentuate the positive 

Eliminate the negative 

It’s really that simple

Because you only have to worry about you

Your thoughts

You can’t control the other guy

That’s his problem

Who cares

You be loving

You be positive

You send out positive vibes

Let the rest of the world have their Armageddon 

That doesn’t have to be on your timeline

Be happy

Be peaceful 

Be well



Composed on 07/10/2016

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